Oksana Grigorieva Wants More Cash

Oksana Grigorieva Wants More Cash

It looks like Oksana Grigorieva wants more money from Mel Gibson. TMZ reports that she is asking for 10 times what she gets in child support for their daughter Lucia. She currently receives $5,000 a month from the actor/director.

In addition, she wants Mel to pay for the Sherman Oaks house they live in. Sources tell the gossip site that Timothy Dalton already pays her $2,500 a month in child support for their 13-year-old son Alexander.

A source scoffed, “Lifestyle is not an issue for a 9-month-old. Think she knows the difference between a Ford and a Bentley.”

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  1. ThePatriot

    Do you know how much BILLIONS did this guy made after The Passion of the Christ? I cannot believe people could be whining about him forking out 40k a month. That’s nothing for the “superstar”. If not, then
    which Mel Gibson are you? the anti semitic one, the apologetic one, the misoginous one? Who do you support because by not supporting Oksana you’re spoiling a man who needs help.

  2. ThePatriot

    I mean to say http://www.whichmelgibsonareyou.com this association raises funds for Oksana

  3. Anonymous

    Oksana needs help raising funds? For what?

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Just like tiger’s wife!

  6. Cabos

    Oh but i don’t want your money, i’m not a golddigger, i’m not doing this for the money. Easier said than done. I’m not on Gibson’s side either, but she’s also a two faced.

  7. Anonymous

    GOLDDIGGER!!!! She was a gold digger to begin with that all she ever what’d was his money to support her life style and so she does not have to get a job to support her kids.

  8. SiervaMaria

    MG made his bed hard with this one. She saw a mark and hit it dead bullseye. I believe with every fiber of my being she has planned every move and I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have a partner in crime. I feel said for her kids and especially her daughter. Mel f’d up for some pro tail.


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