Kate Hudson & Ryder: First Day Of School Excitement

Kate Hudson & Ryder: First Day Of School Excitement

Mom-of-one Kate Hudson took her rambunctious son Ryder to his first day of school in Santa Monica on Friday (September 3).

Looks like he couldn’t wait to get back to class! The adorable 6 1/2-year-old bolted out of the car to run into his school.

The mother-son duo were seen arriving home from England the night before. They were overseas visiting Kate’s latest beau, British singer Matt Bellamy.

Are your kids excited to get back to school?

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  1. Anonymous

    I love Kate, but it’s not the best idea to fly in so late, 1 day before classes start. Those plane rides across the world can cause some serious jet lag, especially for kids. Even my parents arranged flights at least 3 days before my school started when I was in college.

  2. Anonymous

    So many men in his mom’s life, obviously the focus for her. Why does it not surprise me she flies in the night before school starts?

  3. Anonymous

    Children don’t expereince jet lag like adults.

    In any case, UK to LA makes one more awake, not more tired.

  4. Anonymous

    so many men.. so little time

  5. Anonymous

    She’ll probably be back in the UK for Muse’s next big gig at Wembley Stadium this weekend, I’m sure she won’t want to miss that – more press attention for her! Not good dragging her son all across the world just so she can jump into bed with her rocker bf, she’s only been with the guy 4 mths and she’s already introduced her son to him! Doesn’t seem right really.

  6. Anonymous

    kate hudson is such a fony!…her kid doesnt have any friends to play with, hudson has never been seen taking that kid to a playground to play or have him doing any type of activity that focuses soley on him…its all about her and her needs, this boy is such a lonely kid, who proberly has to go to school to interact with other normal kids.


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