Lourdes Leon: Promoting Pot?

Lourdes Leon: Promoting Pot?

Madonna‘s gorgeous daughter Lourdes Leon was seen walking home from school wearing a T-shirt that read ‘Freak’ in New York City on Friday (September 3). It wasn’t her tee that turned heads! The 13-year-old fashionista was sporting a marijuana leaf wristband. Is the young teen promoting pot?

That same day, the Queen of Pop’s three other children – Rocco, 10, David, 5, and Mercy, 4 – were seen taking a walk in Central Park West with the nanny. Later Rocco went to FAO Schwartz in Manhattan with an unidentified male.

The kids’ famous mama has been busy filming her latest movie, W.E., in London, England.

Would you allow your 13-year-old child to wear pot paraphernalia?

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  • dholmas

    That is so wrong for numerous reasons. Makes you wonder whether Madonna is such a good mother.

    • Anonymous

      Oh please, it’s just a wristband. Madonna doesn’t even let her dye her hair yet!

      The kid is a nice, hard-working girl who is involved in charity and got accepted to the top performing arts school. Many who have met her have said she’s sweet and polite. I think Madonna has done some things right if the girl is doing so well.

  • Anna

    She is not promoting pot by wearing a bracelet. I don’t see anything wrong with this bracelet. She probably thought it just looked cool. People that do pot don’t wear bracelets announcing it.

    • mslewis

      Exactly!!! Lourdes is just being a 13 year old and wearing a colorful bracelet. They sell those things in stores, you know. And this isn’t the first time she’s worn it. People need to just back off.

      • Anonymous

        Or maybe YOU need to wake up. What else does that bracelet symbolize? Why wear it if it symbolizes marijuana. Apparently people with kids like to have intercourse but do you put pictures of that on your t-shirts? I hope not.

        • Darolo

          Loads of kids in England wear them. It’s just a fashion accessory and has no other real meaning anymore. It’s like they wear the pink rubber Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet – they buy the pink one cos they want to wear pink!! British fashion is very different. Lola prob. bought it in Brick Lane at the Retro Stores it’s very 80’s and they sell loads of them. Also I wish they’d stop saying Madonna’s 13 yr old daughter! She’s 14 in 6 weeks and there’s a big difference. Give her a
          break I say ,she’s a teen trying out. Unfortunately she has to do it in the glare
          of the media. She’s incredibly grounded and mature. Good on her for being her own person!!

      • Anonymous

        What if she thought a bracelet with a nazi symbol looked cool. Would that be ok?

        • Mia

          Okay, I’m sorry. But you’re comparing smoking pot to the Nazis who killed hundreds of thousands of people. That’s just stupid.

          Let me think: Yeah I’d rather have my 13-year-old wear a marijuana bracelet than wear a nazi bracelet. Believe it or not.

          • Anonymous

            “hundreds of thousands”…uh, no. The Nazis exterminated SIX MILLION Jews during the Holocaust, and when you include the numbers of Gypsies, disabled, POW’s, and non-Jewish people, that number jumps to at least ELEVEN MILLION.

            This has nothing to do with the topic at hand (which is just a stupid Rasta wristband), but I felt compelled to correct that point.

  • Tazina

    A couple of weeks ago she was seen with it and the hoopla was over in about a day. It’s no big deal. Kids like to make a statement with things like dyed green hair, skullwear, whatever. Not even worth commenting about.

  • mevik

    there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a bracelet! she probably just thinkd it’s cool, so what if u wear skulls u are worshiping death or something?? come on!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like her Cuban father.

  • Peta

    I’d rather see it worn by teens than smoked by one. I couldn’t believe that wrist band got so much attention anyway. Weed symbols on clothing are hardly new, and I doubt Lourdes is the first famous person in history to wear one. I’m more ticked off by Paris Hilton and her cocaine arrest (‘gum’? really?) than a teen wearing a weed print clothing item.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think a 13 year old should be wearing a bracelet with marijuana leaves on it. Sorry.

  • Tiffany

    I agree with her not wearing it…but I also agree that she might just like the colors on it and that if her mother has raised her to know better that’s what counts. My kids watch “Wizards of Waverly Place” but I don’t condone witch craft. BTW….this young lady is GORGEOUS…can’t way to see her as an adult.

  • Anonymous

    pot should be legal for people 21 years of age. the bracelet could symbolize the use of hemp an environmentally friendly product.

    nazi symbol: “The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. (That even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!) Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly used symbol as far back as 1000 BCE.”
    just do a quick search and you’ll find history of

    I don’t condone the use of it but at one time it had a positive meaning

  • Anonymous

    This is ludicrous. She’s just a kid wearing a bracelet! She probably likes the color and maybe likes reggae or Bob Marley at most. Gwen Stefani wore a lot of Jamaican/rasta-inspired clothes and accessories, was she too promoting pot? Kids wear those bracelets all the time and don’t associate meanings to them like adults do, nor does it mean they’ve ever tried to use pot. Kids wear skulls all the time, are they promoting murder or death? Everyone that wears camouflage pants is promoting war, militia groups, or murder?

  • Anonymous

    She was not walking home from school, she was leaving her home to go out with her father and her friend. Her shirt says “Le Freak” and it’s a popular shirt from Urban Outfitters. Madonna’s in NYC with her kids now, not London. No, Lola is not smoking pot, she’s only wearing a bracelet for fashion purposes. I guess Gwen Stefani is a bad mother because she’s worn similar bracelets before.

    • Darolo

      I thought everyone knew this pic was taken in NYC! They went back Thursday more’s the pity, but she’s been wearing the band in London for weeks and no-one passed comment. It’s the same with the Le Freak top! What’s the big friggin’ deal?? Strong, independent and beautiful just like her mum!!

  • Lisa P.

    HELLO people, the fruit dont fall far from the tree. I find it wrong for several different reasons. I would NEVER allow my child to wear anything that has to do with drugs. Regardless if she is doing them or NOT. But we ALL know how RULES dont apply to celebrities and their offspring. Its such a sad and pathetic world we live in. I am so fed up with the double standard. So FED up with it. Lourdes is a 13 year old CHILD, yes a CHILD. There needs to be some darn boundaries people before she ends up just like her mother. Trust me I dont mean that in a good way.

    • Darolo

      Do you know her mother personally? Don’t judge what you see judge what you know!! Madonba’s a great mum and Lola’s a great kid. Believe me I know!!!

    • Lioness

      “But we ALL know how RULES dont apply to celebrities and their offspring.”

      Whose rules? Your rules? Cuz FYI, your rules don’t apply to anyone but yourself- they exclude EVERYone else, not just celebs. What is sad and pathetic is how to quick people are judge everyone else but themselves. You don’t want your kids wearing a marijuana bracelet? Good for you, don’t let them wear it. But you know nothing about who Madonna is or what kind of mother she’s like. Get a grip, it’s just a bracelet.

  • Anonymous

    She is just being 13. That’s what they do. They try to be cool by wearing clothes meant to inflame and provoke. It’s similar to those kids that wear the Che t-shirts. The majority of them have no idea who Che Guevara is.

    Every generation uses fashion to rebel. Whether it be women wearing pants in the 30s, leather jackets in the 50s, hippy hair/clothes in the 60s, punk clothing in the 80s, saggy pants in the 90s, or marijuana bracelets.

    I don’t think she is promoting marijuana use. That is not to say that she won’t smoke marijuana in the future. All kids try marijuana eventually–usually in high school or college. I was a fairly straight laced kid and I tried marijuana. It wasn’t my thing but I tried it. And guess what? I graduated from college, received an MBA, and went on to have a successfull career.

  • Carey

    I think people should stop being socked when a famous rich kid enjoy drugs. They have too much money and nothing else to do in their lives besides being famous so they do drugs to feel a little bit more useful for society.
    Average teenagers like to stand out and be part of a group, they enjoy crazy adventures and do not care about the consequences. At this age they believe to be immortal,powerful,untouchable,intelligent,smart and resilient. All these things go worse when the adults around the teenager share the same beliefs and being liberal and submissive.

    I personally can’t stand druggies. I’ve a huge trauma because of two so I don’t see even a marijuana user with good eyes.
    If my daughter used any piece of clothes where there is a message supporting the use of a drug I would cut off her wings a little bit.

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