A Spin-Off Show For Danielle Staub?

A Spin-Off Show For Danielle Staub?

Now that Danielle Staub is officially out of Real Housewives of New Jersey, that doesn’t mean you won’t see her on television anymore. The 48-year-old mom of two tells Us that she wants her own show.

“I want to be me now,” Staub says. “Not me according to other people. Me…a spin-off is absolutely, positively where I’m going.”

She says a spin-off would allow “my kids [Christine, 16, and Jillian, 12] to be seen for the wonderful children that they are. I want to be shown as a mother, an artist, a supporter of my charities and the foundations that I’m passionate about. I want to use my platform to speak about the things that I love in my life.”

One topic she would want to cover is her search for her birth mother.

“I did not give [this] to Bravo because I felt like there was no fair portrayal of me and my family… to share with people who didn’t even want to portray me as a human being.

“So that will be shared,” Staub continues. “I will do a breaking story on that when it does come out and it will be a part of my spin-off.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, she is difficult to look at.

  2. Anonymous

    She is trash, and I will NOT be watching the show go somewhere and sit down!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    please stop posting these people they give the great garden state a bad name

  4. Anonymous

    The only way I would watch a show starring her is if it’s about getting the mental help that she needs!

  5. Lioness

    I don’t think anyone ever thought it was her girls who weren’t wonderful… this woman makes herself look bad every time she opens her mouth, she really doesn’t need Bravo’s help. She bores the sh!t outta me, honestly, her need for attention is extremely transparent. Everything bad in her life is always someone else’s fault… at 48, she needs to grow up. More power to her if she gets her own show, can’t blame her for pushing for one… but I won’t be watching, I can imagine very few worse ways to spend my time.

  6. Anonymous

    Danielle- you need a serious mental health evaluation! You truely believe you are honest, trustworthy, kind, and humble. You are the opposite of everything. You are insane and the biggest habitual liar on this earth. I wish you would go away and I think you will soon. As for your daughters- give them time they are still young, when they are older they won’t even bother with you. You will probably try to sleep with their boyfriends and when they have their children they really won’t bother with you….

  7. Anonymous

    pathetic woman! She is nuts!

  8. Anonymous

    I would watch, I love her! She is my favorite out of the housewives

  9. barb

    No way, no how.


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