Jamie Oliver Reveals Baby Name: Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver

Jamie Oliver Reveals Baby Name: Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver and wife Jools have officially announced their son’s name: Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver. He weighed in at 6lb 9oz.

The tot has been given the middle name Maurice in honor of Jools’ late father, who died in 1997 after suffering a stroke.

The new addition, who was born naturally yesterday (September 15), is the couple’s first boy after having three girls: Poppy, 8, Daisy, 7, and Petal, 1.

A rep for the couple said: “The whole family is thrilled.”

It’s safe to say Jamie was hoping for a boy this time! When Jools was expecting their third child, he said, “It would be great to have a boy, as I am in a totally estrogen-filled house,” before adding, “But I really don’t mind as long as it’s healthy.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    Poor kid.

  • Anonymous

    good luck littl toy (oops boy)

  • Anonymous

    Yep just as I figured, terrible name. Poor kid is in for a lifetime of teasing and being made fun of.

  • Courtney

    I wouldn’t have minded if they went with just Buddy Maurice. but double middle names are a major tradition in the Catholic faith and most forms there of. and even some Oscar Winning actresses have double middle names Joanne Woodward for instance has Gillisant & Trimmier as her middle names but those were her mother Eleanor’s middle and last name and being the only daughter it was natural that she receive those as a middle name

  • Anonymous

    Well, they kept the tradition of giving their kids dog names, at least they’re consistent.

  • Tazina

    Another ridiculous name. Sounds like they’re naming a new dog.

  • Anonymous

    Courtney, you say the strangest things ever!

  • Anonymous

    There’s going to be a line of celebrity kids changing their names in 16-18 years’ time.

  • Courtney

    I wasn’t trying to be strange at all both of the things I said above are well documented facts. so back off of me and besides the actress I mentioned happens to be one of my favorites

  • Anonymous

    stupid name!

  • kayla

    She was right the baby name is buddy Tazina. Buddy is ridiculous names so are his daughter names. I will never understand why some celebrities give their children awful name. Like reighbow and freedom.
    if Jamie like flowers name like lily rose violet but they choose poppy daisy and petal.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda on the fence here, Whilst I like the girls’ names, I like Buddy, but not the others! That said, I know lil kids with first names Neil, Robert & Margaret. TBH these seem much worse to me. Yes, I know they are traditional, but TOTAL lack of moving with the times and imagination, in my opinion. I guess in short, it takes all sorts!

  • Jenny

    I was hoping for another flower name! But Buddy is cute! 😉

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  • Nat

    Buddy bear lmaooooo Imagine gettin pulled over by cops, hes guna get arrested for doing a phoney name that is Hilarious lol

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