Milla Jovovich & Her Darling Daughter Ever

Milla Jovovich & Her Darling Daughter Ever

She’s so big! Two-year-old Ever Gabo joined her mom Milla Jovovich on an outing in Wuerzburg, Germany today (September 20). The model mama, who is in Germany filming The Three Musketeers, and her absolutely adorable girl stopped in to a local eatery for an ice cream treat.

The Resident Evil star recently said of motherhood,

Being a mother changes everything. Your first concern is your child over your own life, career or all your insecurities. All of that is in the distance. What could be worse than having your baby get sick? There is nothing worse than worrying about her if she falls. As long as she’s OK then everything else in my life is so easy.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Alexa

    Ever is one beautiful baby girl.

  • Doom

    Reall tipe the beautiful baby i love her eyer and lips

  • Leone

    Beautiful eyes

  • Anonymous

    Another stupid name. Now have a boy and name him Never.

    • ivy2

      you should try to be more open minded. people are coming up with new names all the time. years ago, names that you like could have been considered ‘stupid’. we cant all keep using the same old boring names over and over.

      • JAIME

        I love the name Ivy! and I agree with you! I’m always the one suggesting “weird” names to my pregnant girlfriends and sister – I do it because these babies deserve a modicum of identity! They have to live with their names their whole lives – why not make them INTERESTING at the very least?

    • hlbronson

      How old are you, 14?

  • Tracey

    She’s so cute. And I love the way she’s dressed.

  • Anonymous

    Forget Ever (though she is stunning) Milla looks so much better with her hair like that….

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful child

  • Ned

    Ever isn’t nearly as bad as some of the names I’ve read on this website. She is a beauty just like her mom (even though she looks a lot like her dad!)

  • hlbronson

    She is gorgeous!

  • Anje

    I love little girl ever ever

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