Katherine Heigl & Naleigh: Sweater Sweeties

Katherine Heigl & Naleigh: Sweater Sweeties

Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl was spotted with her adorable 1 1/2-year-old daughter Naleigh at the Los Angeles International Airport today (September 24).

Both in their warm knit sweaters, the mother-daughter whisked by the nearby paparazzi to their departing flight.

The 31-year-old actress recently admitted that being a new mom is sometimes daunting,

There’s this thing where, as a new mother, you’re just constantly going, Am I doing this right? Am I handling this right? Am I playing with her enough? Should I be talking to her more? You’re just nervous, so you’re almost creating more drama than is necessary.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Naleigh baby looks scared of the paps! Poor thing.

  • Carrie

    She is such a sweetheart, I just want to kiss her and hug her! What a doll!

  • Alexa

    Baby Naleigh is adorable

  • Anonymous

    Gosh they did walk very closely by the paps at one point. The flash, or flashes, must have been so bright! I love the purple colour of Naleigh’s woollen coat as well.

  • Anonymous

    Cute! I hope they are not creating a problem with weight for her though. She seems to be still carrying a lot of baby fat for her age.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me? She’s 18 MONTHS OLD!! Seriously, what is the matter with you??

  • Me123

    She has special needs so maybe that is one explaination for her baby chub still. Who knows, it doesn’t really matter. Either way she’s adorable.

    • Anonymous

      I’m confused.

      I also thought that the baby had special needs. But a report informed me that it was an initial heart problem that was resolved very quickly and she suffers from no longer .

      I feel very sorry for celeb kids/babies they are under major scrutiny and their parents opinions or views are quite often not reported. (Sacha Cohen?) It’s really not our business hoe their kids develop, whether they have special needs or not.

  • AnnieMouse

    I don’t think her face looks puffy at all…I think she looks like any other Korean little girl her age…what does special needs have to do with anything??

    • Anonymous

      Some people with health problems are heavier because of those problems (like Downs) I do not think ALL Korean kids are fat as you suggest. But this child IS a bit pudgy.

      • AnnieMouse

        Actually if you read my comment, I DID NOT suggest that all Korean kids are fat. I believe I said I DON’T THINK SHE LOOKS FAT AT ALL!! How about you read my comment correctly before you get on your high horse there snippy?! Don’t put words in my mouth…

  • Anonymous

    What is with the sweaters in LA? Is it really that cold there??

  • Anonymous

    we did have couple days of sweater weather. California weather is fickle. last week, the temperature was in the 60s, and this week we’re back in the 100s! crazy. either way, her cute little sweater is from BabyGap!

  • Lala

    My daughter is 18 months and chubby too. It’s baby fat, they’ll grow out of it. Leave the kid alone for pete’s sake! She’s not even 2 and yall are judging her weight! Stop worrying about her and put the donuts down, geez!

  • Anonymous

    Her heart problem may have been corrected, but she may still experience developmental delays as a result. My nephew had a similar heart condition when he was born, and though the holes were closed when he was 9 weeks hold, his development lagged for several years.

    At any rate, Naleigh’s certainly a cutie pie! And seems remarkably calm despite all the flashbulbs and hoopla surrounding her. She must feel pretty safe in her mama’s arms.

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