Madonna & Daughter Lourdes: Fashion Face-Off

Madonna & Daughter Lourdes: Fashion Face-Off

Madonna and daughter Lourdes recently launched their Material Girl clothing line together, but it doesn’t mean the mother-daughter duo see eye-to-eye on everything.

For example, Lourdes tells Us that while she’s “allowed” to start dyeing her hair when she turns 14 next month, she doesn’t necessarily think mom’s hair color choice is for her. “I wouldn’t go blonde,” Lourdes said. “I’d like to do a darker color – a really dark, dark red,” she explained. But Madonna still has some advice for her oldest daughter. “Once you start dyeing your hair that’s it,” the singer cautioned. “You have to keep dyeing it.”

And their disagreements don’t stop with the hair. In a recent interview Lourdes said that while she “likes” her mom’s taste, fashion is one area they sometimes disagree. “Working with my mom is fun, she has great style and I really look up to her and what she’s done and everything, but also there are some points where we really clash in our decision-making,” Lourdes said. Madonna, who was standing nearby, then laughed: “And that’s where I go, ‘It’s time to do your homework!'”

So in the end, who’s really in charge? When asked who’s the bossiest, Lourdes pointed a finger at her mom. “I just yell the loudest,” Madonna replied, adding, “Actually no, that’s not true, [Lourdes] is pretty tough.”

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  • ruby

    i really don’t enjoy it when 13 year old girls wear so much black eyeliner.

    • lady d

      when I was 13 I looked like raccoon! I recently looked through some old pics…can’t believe I thought I was hot stuff. We all experiment with our looks when we are younger & I’m sure my daughter will do the same. Live and let live… a little eyeliner won’t hurt anyone

  • Anonymous

    They seem to have a great relationship and were mostly playful with their comments so I don’t find their “clashes” a big deal, but rather a normal mother-daughter thing. However, Lourdes should pay attention to what her mom has to say even if she doesn’t always agree. Her mom is, after all, one of the savviest female entertainers [and entrepreneurs] of the last 30 years.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know which of the two is worse…they both look ridiculous. None of them looks their age. Sad.

    • Anonymous

      They both look great. Madonna looks younger than her age, that’s not sad, that’s fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Lourdes is so cute. She resembles her mom, but has enough of her dad in her to make her look pretty. I’m glad she’s gonna keep her hair dark.

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