Chris Martin & Kids: Theatre Trio

Chris Martin & Kids: Theatre Trio

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin took his two children – 6-year-old daughter Apple and 4-year-old son Moses – along with the nanny to see the theatre performance of Wicked at the Apollo Theatre in London, England on Saturday (October 2).

The kids’ mother is Chris’ wife of nearly 7 years, Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth and Chris teamed up for the Oscar winner’s December release, Country Strong. Chris penned a romantic track for the film, and as Gwyneth explained, it’s about the complications of love.

Me and Tennessee is a special song that perfectly fits the movie,” she said about the song that she sings with country star Tim McGraw, who plays her husband in the film. Country Strong tells the story of a singer looking to revive her career with the help of a new songwriter.

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t coldplay a glorified u2 cover band?

    • Terry C - NJ

      Coldplay haters are so tiresome.

      And Apple should NOT be sucking her thumb, but the kid may have been tired (she looks it in the photo) and some kids do that when they’re tired.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    6 and still sucking her thumb? she is going to mess up her teeth.

  4. Anonymous

    Moses in wearing purple Uggs! Absolutely ridiculous!

    • Anonymous

      Go instill that bit of insecurity in your own sons. If their 4 year old likes purple shoes so what, he’ll have the rest of his life to deal with the “consequences” of what colors are off limits to him b/c he was born male.

  5. Anonymous

    I meant copycat band

  6. Anonymous

    coldplay isn’t even close to being a cover band…where did you hear that?

  7. Anonymous

    Are Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow still married?

  8. Molly

    Yes, Gwyneth and Chris are still married, and no, anyone even slightly familiar with Coldplay and U2 would know that belonging to the same genre of music does not mean two bands are one in the same.
    The kids are cute, but Apple has got to be the youngest six-year-old I’ve ever seen. I’d much rather see her as she is than Noah Cyrus in one of her disturbing get-ups, but every photo of Apple shows her being carried, carted around in a stroller, sucking her thumb, clutching her blanket, or a combination of all four. There just doesn’t seem to be any independence on her part now or ever, and by the age of six, there should definitely be some. Kids should never grow up too fast, but treating them like babies isn’t ideal either.

    • Terry C - NJ

      I’d rather see Apple like that…allowed to be a kid.

      Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise let their daughter Suri wear high heels…high heels, for pete’s sake….and she’s younger than Apple.

      Some kids develop more slowly than others……let up, will ya?


    See this is what Gwyneth told Ben to do.. Do things separate from your
    wife..and it nice that the nanny is a small woman who can still carry Apple..
    Gwyneth is working on a movie with Matt Damon…It is nice to finally see
    their father with the kids

  10. Anonymous

    You can’t sit there and tell me they don’t sound like U2. I’m talking sound not genre.

  11. Anonymous

    Zahara’s nearly the same age and still sucks her thumb, carries a blanket, and is carried around. If it’s not a problem when a Jolie-Pitt child does it, then it’s not a problem when another does it, right?

  12. Anonymous

    Kids need comfort with sucking or stuffed animals adults smoke and drink and I’m always shocked when I see women twirling their hair while driving bit atleast they’re not picking their nose

  13. Mara

    Things are different for the Jolie-Pitt children. Those little exalted humans can do no wrong. Yet the idiots on this blog are merciless when it comes to trashing Violet (for of all things having large feet and ears), Suri, or any child that isn’t mothered by the skank Angelina.

  14. Anonymous

    He can’t take a 4 year old and a six year old out without the need of a nanny. WOW!!!!! Talk about a lazy parent. Apple being carried while sucking and holding on to a security blanket is beyond ridiculous!

  15. Anonymous

    Ummm I am not going to judge anyone for carrying their child but ummm, Apple is HUGE and that poor nanny. Come on Chris, YOU carry Apple you big lump. My daughter is 7 and sucks her thumb occasionally, when she is extremely tired. Maybe Apple is tired after the show?

  16. Anonymous

    Molly coldplay has been accused of stealing several different songs straight up. There is a website that overlaid there tunes with other bands and it sounds exact so I would say they’re copycats

  17. AnnieMouse

    I knew right when I looked at the picture that people would make a big deal about her sucking her thumb. I’d just like to know why just because they’re celebs, they’re expected to have perfect kids and be perfect parents? Some kids suck thumbs, others pacis, some carry blankets, and some have favorite stuffed animals/toys, I’m sure some even pick their noses and eat their boogers…kids are kids, celeb off-spring or “normal-people’s” kids. Who cares? Are ya’ll perfect? I think not, so why judge?

  18. Anonymous

    Normal-people kids aren’t posted on the Internet and if they were people would criticize

  19. Sophia

    My sisters both sucked their thumbs til they were about eight or nine and had blankets til they were about six, they’re now eleven and fifteen and their teeth and general feelings of security are absolutely fine. I don’t think Apple’s going to necessarily have issues in life because she still sucks her thumb or has a blanket or whatever.


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