Benjamin Brady In The Sunshine State

Benjamin Brady In The Sunshine State

What a cutie! Nine-month-old Benjamin Brady was spotted out for a stroll today in Miami, Florida (October 6).

The adorable babe and his mom Gisele Bündchen touched down in the Sunshine State earlier this week.

Though the supermodel and her hubby Tom Brady enjoyed a night on the town while in Miami, their stay down south has been for work. Tom led his New England Patriots to victory over the Miami Dolphins on Monday night and Gisele was spotted heading to a photo shoot yesterday.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Anonymous

    that’s not a nanny but his aunt/giseles sister

  • Anonymous

    Aha! Giving the baby juice. So she’s not the perfect mom after all.

  • Zuc

    i dont think hes cute…..

  • Anonymous

    what a doll baby! and Zuc good for you! you must be one of those gisele haters therefore dont like anything about her, even her innocent little baby. and nope not her nanny. Its her friend who is also a mid wife. Just a caretaker/friend.

  • Annika

    That’s the downside of being so sanctimonious, you bound to be criticised. She also said, that only her mum could look after her baby…. Plus the JUICE…Gisele, Gisele….
    By the way, I’m not a “Gisele hater”, but I found most of her comments regarding motherhood completely outrageous. I’m a mom myself- a very responsible one- and I applaud her high standards, but she is just like everybody else, a flawed human being. Her celebrity status doesn’t justify her irresponsible comments.

    • Anonymous

      I’m shocked at the delirious comments being made.

  • Anonymous

    He’s just average looking but then again look at her. She’s nothing to write home about either. He looks like a girl with that hat on.

    • Anonymous

      aww you must be perfect,rich and thin yourself right? average women’s favorite game is calling other people average. too funny. Show me your paycheck you made off of your look, than we’ll talk.

      • LadyB

        If superficial things like money and external beauty are how you determine a person’s right to say things, then you suck as a person more than the guy you are narking on. No wonder you like Gisele you are a cuck or more likely a wannabe.

  • Anonymous

    adorable baby!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I appreciate her being REAL and saying/standing up for what she believes in and not being another celebrity product of a PR person. and hello, its not like she just says it…Its called a magazine interview, hence why she gives HER opinions. I’m sorry you moms aren’t Supermodels being interviewed by magazines, would we all agree with what you have to say? probably not.
    I respect a model actually having vlaues and can talk more about what designer clothes she likes to wear….

  • Anonymous

    Why do mothers give babies juice? Not good.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone who comments here actually understand the concept of staying on topic? This post has nothing to do with anything Gisele has said in the past, so why are people commenting about that?

  • Carey

    What’s the problem with juice? Fruits are healthy so the juice must be too. Every mother I know gives some juice for her baby. Natural juice is good but it can’t be the only form of nourishment. Gisele already said that she feeds him with breast milk. When the child develops teeth, Gisele will start to give certain solid foods for him.
    As far I can see Gisele is feeding him the way I see many mothers in her homecountry doing.

    By the way, the woman with Benjamin isn’t Gisele’s sister. Must be the friend Gisele talks abiout in interviews, she takes care of Benjamin when she’s not around. She is not a nanny.
    Gisele has control over her work schedule and spends lots of time with her son, so why she would hire someone? Working mothers are jealous of her. And I thought only the desperate housewives were.

    Gisele never said to be a perfect mother. She’s probably following tips giving by other mothers including her own who has raised six daughters. Gisele has five sisters, one of them is a mother.
    When a magazine interviews Gisele, she answers the questions. Only stupid people can’t see it.

    Benjamin is not very cute baby.

  • Anonymous

    for me one of the cutest celeb babies I have seen! He is so big for his age! Breastfeeding has paid off I see. Breastfed babies always get so huge and healthy early on, lol. and how do we know this is juice? shall Gisele call you gisele detectives and ask if its ok first? geeezzz.

    • Anonymous

      He’s big because both of his parents are extremely tall. Really shouldn’t be a surprise. That’s how genetics work.

  • Anonymous

    Benjamin is adorable, Gisele is beautiful and Tom is handsome! Perfect family!

  • Anonymous

    Ben is adorable….

  • BellaMum

    I have never been a Gisele hater, and I know that this is going to sound horribly judge-y and awful, but the kid is only 9 months old, and she is already giving him juice? Just because fruit is healthy doesn’t mean that fruit juice is. Assuming he is breastfed still, his only source of hydration should be breastmilk (or if formula fed, then formula) until he hits one. I don’t even give my 2yo DD juice because it’s just empty calories — why not have them drink water and eat an actual piece of fruit?
    Besides that, she seems like a very doting mom and is with him often, which is more than you can say for other celebrities. She just tends to make remarks that she probably doesn’t mean to be taken the way they are.

  • Anonymous

    Juice (even 100% fruit juice) isn’t healthy because it has no fiber, and is therefore processed by the body as pure sugar. Juice should never be given to babies in a bottle or sippy cup because it continuously washes over the teeth and causes decay.

  • Mae

    Everybody thought this baby was going to fight Shiloh in the best looking kid stakes but I gotta say Benjamin isn’t very good looking. I mean he’s cute in that normal baby way but nothing special. I’ve seen so many cuter celeb babies, even with uglier parents. Genetics is weird…

    On the other hand, his brother, James? Jack? is gorgeous. Would love to see what his mom looks like.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with some of the posters here. I don’t think Benjy is hideous just plain looking. No way is he in the league of Shiloh or Kingston or Harlow or the Crawford-Gerber kids or the Ripa-Consuelos children.

    I was surprised by the juice as well. Gisele says that her breastfeeding initiative is targeted toward mothers who give their children chemicals while they are so small. What an hypocrite!

    So does Gisele refer to her nanny as a friend to get out of paying her? Now that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  • aussie smiley

    This woman has very strong opinions and makes alot of people angry by speaking out. She is bound to get criticism for her actions. Unfortunately for her, she cannot explain every situation the media catches her in.

    That juice seems thick…..perhaps its pureed fruit. And didnt i read somewhere that she only actually breastfed for 6 or 12 weeks because she went back to work?

    Who cares anyway, these photos are a moment in time. Enjoy them, watch him grow and stop beating each other up. Mums should stick together….babies dont come with a manual!

  • Trish

    Juice? big deal, geez some people get worked up about other’s people’s way of life!!!! Cute baby-due to 2 gorgeous parents!!!!

  • Anonymous

    At least his dad is normal.

  • Anonymous

    People that attack children’s looks should be slapped.

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