David Arquette & His Beverly Hills Beauty

David Arquette & His Beverly Hills Beauty

Just a day after he and his wife Courteney Cox-Arquette announced news of their separation, David Arquette was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, California with their beautiful 6-year-old daughter Coco today (October 12).

The 39-year-old actor shared some of the details behind the surprising split in a very revealing interview with Howard Stern this morning.

“She’s in a place of wanting to be real and emotional,” he said. “She’s an emotional being. She’s an amazing woman. If it doesn’t feel right, she doesn’t feel like bonding in that way.”

David went so far as to dish on their sex lives, saying they hadn’t been intimate for months and adding, “sex with Courtney is scheduled to a certain degree, its methodical to a certain degree, and so full of love … its so beautifully passionate.”

Saying that Courteney has told him, “I don’t wanna be your mother anymore,” David added, “She’s the greatest woman I’ve ever met … Now, yes, she’s got her issues. She tries to take on everybody’s problem. She tries to be the mother to everyone – that’s why she doesn’t want to be the mother to me anymore.”

As for rumors that he’s currently involved with bartender Jasmine Waltz, David denied that they’re living together, but said, “I did have sex with her one time, maybe twice… my sexual encounter made me pretty feel manly.”

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  • Anonymous

    You know what David, we don’t want to know how long it’s been since you had sex with your wife. Be classy, think about your daughter and work it out between you. Keep the details private, as they should be.

  • Anonymous

    It’s apparent that he needs to grow up by the way he made his first interview The Howard Stern Show.

  • ll65

    What an odd statement. Sounds like Courtney may just want to date a grown up.

  • Angel-in-South+Africa

    What a douche!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! He sounds like a classless, immature idiot!

  • Dana

    Okay, you’ve been married for 11 years and you want to dish about your private details on Howard Stern?? Low class.

  • Anonymous

    He’s immature and its about time she left him.

  • lovely

    wow…..jus wow, David.

    on a positive much more approriate note, Coco is absolutely adorable

  • Anonymous

    He’s not only immature but has a low IQ. I never really understood why someone like Courteney would be with him, unless she felt protective of him and sorry for him, but that’s not a good enough reason to marry someone.

  • Anonymous

    Now that there seperating, we’re probably going to see pics of this family often. Oh the paps never cease to amaze me! Coco is getting so big :)

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