Céline Dion Has Not Scheduled Her Twins’ Birth

Céline Dion Has Not Scheduled Her Twins' Birth

Céline Dion is not “too posh to push”!

Despite recent rumours, the expectant mama has not scheduled a cesarean for October 22 to welcome her twin baby boys, nor has she made any diva demands of the Florida hospital where she plans to give birth.

“There is nothing scheduled,” her husband and manager René Angélil tells PEOPLE.

“[Her doctors] want Celine’s pregnancy to go as long as possible, at least until the first week of November,” adds a rep for the singer. “She would never intentionally endanger her unborn children by scheduling a birth early like this.”

René and Céline’s rep are also denying reports that the 42-year-old singer has made outrageous demands of the hospital staff, such as handpicking her nurses or reserving a room for her security team.

“It’s all false,” says the rep. “Céline and her doctors are hopeful that she can continue her pregnancy as long as possible, and hope to get her to at least 37 weeks gestation to ensure the healthiest outcome for her children.”

The twins, who were conceived after the couple’s sixth attempt at in-vitro fertilization, will join big brother René-Charles, 9 ½, at home.

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  • anonymous

    scheduling a c-section for twins is not out of the ordinary. most ob’s want you to have a cesarean for twins.

  • Courtney

    not neccessarily true unless one or both of them is breach or transverse. but if both are head down then they’ll usually opt for a vaginally delivery. and multiples naturally come earlier than a singleton does

  • mackenzie

    cant wait to hear the twin names.

  • Anonymous

    I am due around the same time as Celine, and my c-section is already programmed for nov.3rd, at 39 weeks. I am not having twins, but I had a c-section 15 months ago and my doctor gave me the choice of giving birth naturally or via c-section. So even if she did program it, there is nothing out of the ordinary there…

  • The Birth Nerd

    Celine has already had one c-section with her first child – by saying she’s “not too posh to push” implies she’s attempting a VBAC, which I highly doubt. Considering that much of Florida is anti-VBAC, even though they are perfectly safe. You can safely deliver twins vaginally, and doctors will usually do it if both babies are head-down. Sometimes a breech is easier to deliver if the vertex twin has delivered first. But I haven’t heard anything about her attempting a VBAC, which is kind of sad. :(

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