Amanda Peet & Family: Strollin’ In Tribeca

Amanda Peet & Family: Strollin' In Tribeca

Amanda Peet and her husband David Benioff were spotted taking their 3 1/2-year-old daughter Frances Pen for a stroll in Tribeca, New York City on Monday (October 18).

Wearing a bright blue jacket, Frances opted to walk in the chilly weather instead of ride in her stroller. Her 6-month-old sister Molly June wasn’t with them.

Peet, 38, feels it’s important to set an example for your kids.

“When you’re able to identify your passions, then your child will be able to identify hers,” she said. “It’s a great template.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Sophie Smith

    How cold is it in New York XD?

  • WInnie

    Its not THAT cold on NYC 57 degrees on monday…come on people! what are u going to wear when its winter??

    • Anonymous

      Why do you care? Does it affect you in some way?

  • Anonymous

    Why do some people always look so dirty, disheveled and unkempt?

    • AnonyMouse

      I was just thinking about that. David looks like a hobo.

  • Anonymous

    Cute little Frankie!
    Adorable family!
    Can’t wait to see Molly!

  • destinee

    She is looking a hot mess in that jacket urghh take it off

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