Goldie Hawn Pays Tribute To Daughter Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn Pays Tribute To Daughter Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn honored one of her favorite women in Hollywood at an event on Monday (October 18) – her daughter Kate Hudson.

At ELLE’s 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute n Beverly Hills, Us reports that Goldie started off her tribute by recalling Kate’s birth in 1979.

“I was on the 405, and she was inside me, and I was fooling around, and I felt really good, about 8 months [pregnant], and I was going to name her Rebecca because it was biblical and romantic and gentle,” Goldie recalls. “All of sudden, she punched me so hard in my you-know-where. I screamed and I said, ‘Oh my God. This is a Kate, not a Rebecca!’ She is a Kate!”

And the delivery day was equally raucous. “I was lying there and they were slicing and dicing or whatever,” Goldie continues. “I had a C-section, I had my nails done…and all of sudden, out she comes and they said, ‘It’s a boy!’ And I said, ‘No it’s a girl!’ And, by the way, I didn’t know what it was. I just felt that it was a girl. And then they said, ‘Oh, no it’s a girl!’ And I said, ‘What part of her anatomy were you looking at?!'”

Goldie went on to describe Kate as “a voracious eater. She is a voracious human being and she still likes to eat. And she is also voracious about life.

“I will say, I am very proud,” Goldie said, looking at her daughter. “I am deeply proud of your character, and I am very proud of your tenacity. You stick to your guns…and I am proud of your talent.”

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