Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Catch up on the latest tweets from your fav celebrity parents!

@ryansutter Gracie checking out the hissing cockroches at the butterfly pavilion.

@ActuallyNPH Youngsters. They cry a lot. I thought it was just a long bit that they were doing. I keep saying, “Annnnd, scene!”… but nothing happens.

@KimberlilyBrook Cuddled up with my queen bee, falling back in love with NYC’s energy and hoping my husband is enjoying his very early morning.

@NiecyNash Didn’t u hate to get a spanking b4 u went to school?! Me too but sumtimes u gotta go old school and let ur kids know u are not havin it!

@candacecbure off to my workout before taking the kids to school and work! Hope you’re having a blessed morning and don’t forget your smile ;)

@jennajameson I’m obsessed with Willow Smith’s song “whip my hair”…. love it! And she’s only nine years old!

@JodieTweetin Headed to my first pilates class in a while!!! I have a feeling this is going to hurt. But it’ll be worth it. Eventually!

@dinamanzo Lexi’s fellow Ladybug’s at her school made the most heart warming buddy cards for the kids at the hospital. I read the first one & cried.

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Photo credit: Ryan Sutter's Twitter


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  1. Anonymous

    So they call her Gracie…Grace is her middle name right? Very cute!!!

  2. mackenzie

    grace is her middle name

  3. anonymous

    i dont get that. if you wanna call her grace why not name her grace? its not good enough for a first name, but its good enough for her to go by?


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