Kevin Federline’s Grocery Guys

Kevin Federline's Grocery Guys

Kevin Federline had the help of his sons Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4, on this weekend’s grocery run in Encino, California (October 23). Looks like the boys got to take home a couple of treats, too!

The boys’ mom Britney Spears has reportedly been back in the studios working on a new album. Though the project has been kept under wraps a racy new track was leaked to earlier today.

Producer Sean Garrett, who’s been working with the Toxic singer, says, “I totally respect Britney’s privacy, so I have to keep it low … But I’m in a total creative zone, and I’m all about creating the hits. I’m producing some serious bombs. It’s going to be a hot *ss album.”

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Photo credit: COOP/GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    Cute kids! One thing I try to avoid is food shopping with my young kids. They beg for all the junk food they see! Yikes

  • Nicky

    Cute boys

  • Anonymous

    Ther are so Adroble kids and like happy and haelthy with the dad

  • SiervaMaria

    I cannot believe how “healthy” Kevin has gotten. Those boys are gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    finally pics of JUST kevin and the boys about bloody time

  • Anonymous

    Aha look at Preston! So cute!
    They growing up so fast!They are so tall! Where are the litlle babies??
    They are the most handsome celeb kids

  • Anonymous

    Those boys are handsome and beautiful….I just hope that both parents are watching what they are feeding those little boys. Neither parent’s seem to have very healthy eating habits.

  • mackenzie

    adorable little boys

  • Anonymous

    Kevin so tubby like britney and the boys is so beautiful

    • Anonymous

      In what world is Britney “tubby”?? She doesn’t always wear the most flattering clothes, but she’s a very small and athletic woman.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin so tubby like britney and the boys is so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Jayden grow up to be a beautiful cute kids

  • Dana

    Oh my, wth happened to Kevin? He lost all that weight doing Celebrity Fit Club and looks like he has gained it all back!

  • Anonymous

    why is ythis guy so frickin fat? he’s got all the time in the world and money to hire a trainer.

  • Anonymous

    Cute little boys and Kevin seems to be doing a good job as a dad. His kids all seem to be quite well behaved and normal.

    I believe the problem with his weight is his diet and alcohol consumption. All the fitness training in the world cannot combat poor eating and drinking habits. He may also be suffering from depression, which also leads to weight gain. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Brit blew up like a dear tick a few years ago when she was in media everyday you know her train wreck years

    • anonymous

      Brit has never been fat, even when she was going through tough times. Who cares if Kevin put on weight. Most of us struggle with weight in this country at one time or another. Preston and Jayden are so adorable with great smiles! I think they look like happy boys!