Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen’s United Front

Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen's United Front

The calm before the storm!

Denise Richards and ex-husband Charlie Sheen were seen taking their daughters, Sam, 6 1/2, and Lola, 5, to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on Monday (October 25).

A few hours later, Charlie was hospitalized because he “had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication,” his rep tells Us. The troubled actor, 45, “is expected to be released tomorrow.”

Earlier reports state otherwise. Accordingly, Charlie was said to be found naked and intoxicated in a trashed NYC hotel suite. Reportedly, Charlie told police he was “out partying” and hotel security at the posh Plaza Hotel called 911 shortly after 2 a.m.

The day before, we saw Denise, Charlie and the girls at American Girl Place.

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  • annabella

    Sam and Lola are miserable little girls. Every picture I see of Sam and Lola same unhappy little pout. Violet Ava Kingston Seraphina Zuma Eden Savannah. always seems happy and cheerful. Yet they had paparazzi snapping photo of them.

    • anonymous

      I totally agree. I have NEVER seen a pic of Sam smiling. Sam and Suri Cruise should get together since misery loved company! Sam sucks her thumb and Suri still uses a bottle and wears diapers.
      Charlie is beyond creepy! He is such a pervert! So gross! Run girls, run!!

      • Anonymous

        Those poor girls….One reason for not smiling is pretty obvious — the last sentence in anonymous’s (2:16 p.m.) post.

  • Brooke

    That “medication” just happened to be a bottle of scotch and a few lines of coke.

  • Anonymous

    Brooke don’t forget the hookers!

  • anonymous

    LMAO !!!!

  • Anonymous

    How the h*ll does this guy manage to get work with his track record of slime and debauchery?? Whoever does the hiring has more money than brains, that’s for sure. Talk about a high risk…

  • Tazina

    Are you kidding? He gets 2.1 Million a WEEK for doing Two and a Half men. He’s just a screw up in everything else he does. Hookers and cocaine right next door to his little daughters….can’t give it up even for a family outing. They’re not stupid his kids. Children are very observant. They know when something is not right. No wonder they always look sad and depressed……well, that and the constant presence of the paprats probably doesn’t help either.

  • Sunny Sue

    The police were called to his hotel room after he TRASHED it because he was high on coke and drinking massive amounts of alcohol. The police found a prostitue locked in the closet. He was given the choice of being arrested or taken to the hospital and he, wisely, chose the latter. He is a waste of human flesh. I know he has yound children but they’d probably be better off if he was just locked away somewhere or dead and at this rate, either one is entirely likely.

    How many of us, “regular folks” could hold down a job while acting like Charlie Sheen? Let alone a job that pays you $2 million/week?

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention 2 1/2 men sucks! I hate that show! Not funny I can see every joke coming from a mile away

  • AvaElizabeth

    I’m so sad for the girls. They never look happy or comfortable.

    I think they have a really hard life with a mother who always wants to be in the spotlights and who everytime calls the paps on herself when she’s out with the girls. (I remember picturs from iceskating with the girls month’s ago, there on the pics you saw that she everytime looked, where the cameras were and tried to strike a pose that looks like: oh look, I’m so natural and I don’t see the cameras!)
    and they have a father who’s drunken often, doesn’t treat woman good (remember brooke) and takes drugs. And who knowes what else?

    Poooor little girls :-(

  • Sophie Smith

    Her older daughter (the one who is always miserable) is smiling in the second photo, and look how beautiful she looks.

    • anonymous

      I’m not sure if I would classify that as a smile….

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she has gas

  • Davion

    Cool! That’s a clever way of looikng at it!

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