Céline Dion: “I’ve Read Nearly 15,000 Names & Nothing Has Stuck”

Céline Dion: "I've Read Nearly 15,000 Names & Nothing Has Stuck"

In her first interview since welcoming her twin boys last weekend, pop superstar Céline Dion opens up to French magazine Gala about her baby joy.

Did the French-Canadian singer finally announced the twins’ names? No, and in fact the boys remain nameless! “I’ve read nearly 15,000 names,” the 42-year-old mother of three admits, and adds, “and nothing has stuck.”

So what’s with the indecision?

“Because [elder son] René-Charles goes to school in the United States, he’s suggested English first names. My mother, on the other hand, has been hinting about very French first names and we’re going a little bit crazy trying to decide.”

Was she hoping for a girl this time around?

“Honestly if I had a choice, certainly I’d have liked to have a girl,” she admits. “But the day I learned that I was expecting two boys, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a day of tremendous joy. I’m truly happy. Everything went well and the babies are in good health. That’s all that counts.”

Conceived via in-vitro fertilization after six attempts, the twin boys are fraternal.

“They were in two different sacs,” husband René Angelil says. “During her pregnancy Céline had already remarked about their difference, saying, ‘One is more active than the other.’ ”

The twins were born via C-section, and the Power of Love singer laughs about the surgery, saying, “I’m telling you, if they could have come out through my ears at the time they were ready to come into the world, that would have suited me fine.”

With her return to the Las Vegas stage in March, is the new mom concerned about the 40 lbs. of baby weight she gained during the pregnancy?

“I don’t care about my figure. I never have and I’m not worried,” she says. “In any case, I’m not going on any diet because I want to breastfeed … Besides I have a really good stylist and if it’s a question of going up a dress size or two — well, so be it.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I really hope we get names soon! I can’t wait to hear them!

  • Grace

    There are sooo many cute names out there. If i would have twins boys, i would name them Jameson and Dawson:-)

    • Venni

      Love Dawson. Mason is nice too.

      But she probably wants something more French sounding.

  • Anonymous

    sebastien and alexandre

    • antigoniem

      I LOVE those names!

  • Mandyy

    If i were to have twin boys id name them James and Jackson :)

  • Anonymous

    She is so funny. I have watched her in interviews over the years and she is so funny. I think some of it is the fact that English is her second language and some of it is that she will say whatever is on her mind. She has been so passionate about wanting a family so I am happy this is happening for her!!

    • Anonymous

      She is funny in french too! I think it is because she is so natural and also, it is part of french canadian’s personality to be very outspoken.

      I can not believe they still do not have any names! I understand the babies came early but come on! They have to have thought about it before… I know I had tons of ideas before even getting pregnant.

      • Eli’s mum

        I think it might have a lot to do with them having so much trouble getting and staying pregnant. Women who’ve had miscarriages tend not to plan too far into the future when it comes to their pregnancy and future babies.

  • Sophie Smith

    She should let her son name the younger brothers he has received, I really like that idea.

  • Anonymous

    Cedric and Leon?
    Cedric and Romain?

  • Joanne Justis

    The most important gift parents can bestow on their child is the name they assign their baby which makes the name “priceless.” What parents don’t know is that the name assigned along with the birthdate forms the child’s journey in this lifetime. The name reveals their personal characterisics/traits while the birthdate reveals his/her development areas.

    Parents can now test the name prior to assigning it so they can understand what the name they choose calculates to be and how it will affect their child for life.

    Joanne Justis
    World Renowned Expert
    Intuitive Chaldean Numerologist
    Baby Naming Expert & Author

  • Anonymous

    We are going to hear every little detail about her and her children’s lives. She really loves to talk to the press and I’m sure we will get pictures of her newborns.

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