Max Bratman: Shoppin’ With Mama

Max Bratman: Shoppin' With Mama

Christina Aguilera stepped out with her son Max to go shopping at La La Ling in Los Feliz, Calif. on Wednesday (October 27).

The 2-year-old cutie played with a few toys in the store, while Christina shopped for some new clothes for him. During the visit, Max received a kiss from his mom as well as a lollipop.

The pop singer, who recently split from her husband Jordan Bratman, rocked a ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ t-shirt.

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Photo credit: MWEA/GSI Media/Pacific Coast News/Flynet Pictures


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  1. Anonymous

    So nice shirt

  2. Anonymous

    Cute little jordan i love her shirt and hair

  3. ll65

    I that t-shirt he’s wearing! cute kid

  4. Sophie Smith

    Love the t-shirt :D! Cute expression on the kid too :).

  5. Susana

    OMG he is getting cute. I feel so sad they had to get divorced, the kids are the ones who suffer :(

  6. Micaela

    He is so adorable!

  7. nicoleC

    he’s cute
    wish him happy ever after

  8. Ondine

    Too bad she’s stuck w/ a kid who looks just like the father. What an awful constant reminder of the guy you can’t stand to live or be with.

  9. Alma

    wow, she got so big.!!! Her tighs I mean, considering that she is petite, and that outfit doenst flatter that kind of body.

  10. Anonymous

    He looks so much like his dad but he could also be Adam Sandler’s son.

  11. Anonymous

    Cute t shirt but that’s about it.

  12. Anonymous

    it’s cute shirt and shoes

  13. Leona timax

    I Love her shirt cute hair

  14. Anonymous

    How does that foot taste, Ondine?

  15. Allison

    Everyone says he looks like his dad, but I only see Christina when I look at him. He’s toooo cute!


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