Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Park Playdate

Jennifer Garner & Seraphina: Park Playdate

Precious pics!

Alias star Jennifer Garner was spotted playing at the park with her daughter Seraphina, 21 months, in Santa Monica on Friday (October 29). The adorable mother-daughter duo took off their shoes while playing in the sand. Sera was sure to bring her purse and doll on the special outing. How cute!

Later that day, Jen was seen picking up her elder daughter Violet, 5 in December, from school.

The girls’ father is Jennifer’s husband of five years, Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck.

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Photo credit: Flynet / Fame

  • anonymous

    OMG! Sera is soo adorable. Love the pic with the purse and doll. Toooo cute!

  • rachel s

    Seraphina has the sweetest face ever. I bet she’s a big cuddly hugger.

  • Felissa

    She’s is adorable. But it’s sad the paparazzi should give them more privacy.

  • Felissa

    She’s is adorable. But it’s sad the paparazzi should give them more privacy.

  • Anonymous

    Seraphina is absolutely beautiful!

  • mackenzie

    Seraphina is adorable

  • Anonymous

    sera has a kim kardashian butt.

  • KatieKate

    Does anyone know where I can find her daughter’s shoes? Love them!

  • Miss A

    It’s called a diaper, you moron.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called a dirty diaper.

  • Dana

    Awww! She is an adorable little girl! What a precious face she has.

  • Ella Winter

    She may be the most adorable little girl I have ever seen!

    • Anonymous

      You must not have ever seen a girl before.

      • Anonymous

        That is quite rude, she is very cute

  • Anonymous

    So cute! I love the one where she is walking and carrying her doll and purse. She has her daddy’s stare but when she smiles she is all Jen and Violet. Precious!

  • Sophia

    Hands down cutest celebrity baby. She is just adorable!

  • Lorenna

    i love seraphina is so perfect !

  • Anonymous

    Sera is just the cutest little thing, isnt she?

    • Anonymous

      No. Looks like a man.

      • Andreea

        :)) LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t look like a man. What the hell are you talking about. You’re so pathetic and Sera is just the cutest little thing.
    Felissa totally agree with you. She should get more privacy.

  • atkauiua

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