Michael Sheen & Lily Mo’s Halloween Fun

Michael Sheen & Lily Mo's Halloween Fun

Twilight star Michael Sheen was seen trick-or-treating with his 11-year-old daughter Lily Mo on Sunday night (October 31).

Kate Beckinsale and husband Len Wiseman joined in the festive fun as Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein. What a fun group!

Kate has talked about the loving relationship she has with her ex.

I love Michael. He’s absolutely one of my most favorite people ever. I think we both felt it was really important for Lily also to have everybody in the same place. He loves her, I love her and Len loves her. Everyone is nice.”

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com / Flynet / Pacific Coast News


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  1. Eliza

    Yikes – fishnets and heels for an 11 year old – kids should be kids. I actually thought that was his girlfriend at first – she looks way too grown up there and I know it’s just one night of fun but I think it’s sending the wrong message.

  2. Anonymous

    my neighbor is the same age and had on a costume just like that last night (well fishnets and heels). It halloween… i saw let them dress however!

    • Anonymous

      So if she wanted to be a stripper with pasties and a thong, it’s halloween so that’s fine? You must not have children. It is not okay for an 11-yr-old to be dressed that way for Halloween.

  3. ll65

    Awfully cottequetish for a little girl.

  4. Anonymous

    It looks no different than something a kid would wear at a dance recital. Relax people!!!! It was halloween:)

  5. Boston.Girl

    It looks like the tap outfit my (then) 8 year old niece wore to her dance recital last year (minus the shoes obviously). The teacher said it was typical dress for tap when my sister protested…

    OH look – she is carrying sensible FLATS to walk rest of the way in. (Unlike Suri who was wearing heel s all the time at 3. Relax and let HER parents do her parenting. Sheesh)

  6. Anonymous

    Am i the only one who thinks fishnets and heels is waaaay to sexual for an 11 yr old GIRL?! Maybe the heels as it’s halloween but fishnets?! I wouldn’t go out in them and i’m 20!

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe I don’t see fishnets as sexual cause we were required to wear them with our dance costumes every year.

  8. camille

    This looks like a pedophile’s dream! How disgusting. 11-year-olds should not dress like that, neither on Halloween nor at dance recitals.

  9. Anonymous

    fishnets and heels aren’t for little girls no even for dancing.

  10. Anonymous

    i love the fact that she is friends with her childs father, that must be great for the kid

  11. Audrey

    I’m 55 and wore fishnets when a teen, it was the fad. And then my daughters wore them through 12 years of dancing classes and a few times to high school dances. In this case it’s Halloween and part of a costume – no biggee.

  12. Anonymous

    wow, that is so inappropriate. I know I would be worried sick if that was my daughter what kind of thoughts must be running through some guys’ head when seeing that.

  13. Anonymous

    Another parenting triumph for kate Beckinsdale and Michael. On the up side its nice that all 4 of these self-involved narcissists can get along.

  14. Anonymous

    i don’t know if its to much it is halloween after all. maybe heels or fishnets not both?!

  15. Anonymous

    Parenting fail.


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