Thomas Beatie: “I Want To Be A Surrogate”

Thomas Beatie: "I Want To Be A Surrogate"

Thomas Beatie – who the media has labeled as the ‘pregnant man’ – tells Life & Style about his new mission to help families in need.

I want to be a surrogate,” he says. “When I was first approached with the idea, I thought it was crazy. Then I thought about what it means and what having a family means to us. I thought, This is a huge deal and I’m capable of it, why not?”

Thomas, 36, and wife Nancy welcomed their third child, son Jensen, in July and want to help other couples who cannot conceive on their own. “If I can do this and help make another family fulfill their dream of having a child, then that’s what I want to do.”

Thomas says they might add to their family as well. “If we don’t find the right family for surrogacy, I think I have one more person inside of me.”

Thomas and Nancy are also parents to daughter Susan, 2, and son Austin, 1.

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  1. Anastasia

    This is one sick family if Tracey wants to be a male then be a male. She is selfish she can’t have it both ways. Imagine how her children lives will be affected because of her.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, how terrible it must be for those poor children growing up with two adoring parents who love them and each other.

      Just because you don’t understand it, or it doesn’t “fit” into your world view, doesn’t make it wrong. It’s just different, and different is perfectly okay.

  2. Anonymous

    why did she even bother with male hormones? she’s obviously content being female.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Ange

    leave them alone, if they are happy then good for them,

  5. Anonymous

    Just having a uterus doesn’t make you capable of being a surrogate. I support this family but hope that Thomas realizes just how much responsibility comes with bearing another couple’s child. His comments make it sound like he thinks it’s an easy thing to do.

  6. Cari

    She just wants her name in the news again.

  7. Anonymous

    Some people will do any thing for attention! I just wish that these people (and Kate Gosselin) would just go away. I wish their kids happy and healthy childhoods, but I never want to see or hear from them again!

  8. Anonymous

    That girl sure does love being pregnant!

  9. Anonymous

    Absolutely disgusting. An abomination. They don’t deserve to have kids or be allowed to raise kids. I pray for the mental health of their kids. People just like to take things too far. First she didn’t want to be a female but a male. Then he she decided to keep the uterus and get pregnant and give birth to a child. It’s either you’re male or female. God have mercy on their souls. And he.she wife is a lesbian because he.she was originally a female.

    • Janna67

      “It’s either you’re male or female.”

      Why? What’s it to you if someone wants to be both and be called the Queen of Sheba?

      What these people do in their lives has no affect on you, so I really want to know: Who Cares?!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll repeat what I said above:

      “Yes, how terrible it must be for those poor children growing up with two adoring parents who love them and each other.

      Just because you don’t understand it, or it doesn’t “fit” into your world view, doesn’t make it wrong. It’s just different, and different is perfectly okay.”

    • Anonymous

      You should read this:

      Especially the section on abominations. You might learn something if you can close your mouth for a second and open your heart & mind instead.

  10. Cabos

    Well, he wants to be a surrogate cause pregnancies gives him PR cause you know, pregnancies are his PR source. Every time this person gets pregnant there are interviews, publicity and what not, so it’s obvious he wants more of that.

  11. Anonymous

    As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters. I really don’t care that they’ve chosen to have kids this way. Their children seem healthy and happy. As for him being a surrogate, that is his decision also. If they can bring some joy to an infertile couple, then I say go for it. Being a surrogate is a tough thing to do. If he can handle it, then I say good for him. It’s not something I think that I’d be able to do for strangers. He’s definitely a strong person than I am.

  12. Anna

    Sounds like she is missing the spotlight. not a good reason to become a surrogate.

  13. Anonymous

    I have a friend like this who used to get attention being a whore but that got old so then she allowed one of her pregnancies to go to term and she got so much attention. So she started popping them out year after year but eventually she couldn’t afford anymore but she craved the attention and so she turned to surrogacy. I know a few wonderful women who were surrogates but some people just love attention and this chick Thomas is one of them. She can’t stay out of the headlines because she craves the attention and without it, she feels unsatisfied. First she was a lesbian, then she became a “man” but kept her lady parts then she had a baby and got a TON of coverage so she had another one and that got less attention so now she’s going to be a surrogate. I’m all for different strokes for different folks, but some people are just nutty.


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