Thandie Newton: Don’t Force Your Daughters To Be “Girlie”

Thandie Newton: Don't Force Your Daughters To Be "Girlie"

The lovely Thandie Newton has been recognized for her work on the big screen in films such as W and Crash, but it’s her role as a mom to her daughters Ripley, 10, and Nico, 5, that is most important to her. The 37-year-old actress recently talked to about being a mother to her “two beautiful girls.”

On what she hopes to teach her girls: “I want my girls to feel empowered. That’s the most important thing. I think as a mom it’s important to teach your children that they’re extraordinary, powerful beings. Your job is to keep the path clear so there is nothing they can trip up on.”

On her daughters: “They’re not into going to stores and buying dolls. Ripley is not a girlie girl. If I bought her an American Girl doll, the hair would be cut off in a week. I go into her bedroom and find a crew cut left on the floor. Poor Barbie!… Moms shouldn’t force their girls to be too girlie. If they don’t like dolls then let it go. Let them find their own creative outlets. Maybe they don’t like dolls, but love to paint.”

On how motherhood has changed her: “It’s amazing how you start again and you re-live your childhood. The universe has given me girls because I needed to live that girlhood again in a fresh way.”

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  • ll65

    Well said, I’ve always liked her acting. Seems she a down-to-earth mom as well.

  • Anonymous

    well said

  • Anonymous

    Also don’t force your daughters to be butch. I have a feminazi friend who won’t let her daughter play with dolls because she thinks the poor child will turn into a Paris Hilton wannabe or end up barefoot and pregnant and under the thumb of a man. The stupid thing is my friend played with dolls as a girl and she isn’t either of those things but she’s desperate to make her daughter essentially male. She even named the girl Nicholas to make a point.

    Why can’t we just allow our children’s natural personalities to come out with time? Some kids are more feminine and some are more masculine. Can’t force a butch little girl to dress in pink once she hits a certain age and can’t make a boy be an athelete if he doesn’t have it in him. Still it’s all about duding up our girls and making them feel like wearing pink or playing with dolls is oppressive but isn’t it only oppressive if someone it making you do it? My friend wouldn’t agree. Society oppresses with Barbie – no matter how much her daughter begs for one :(

  • http://google/twitter/facebook/youtube terry fernando newton

    I love the way ms.t newton,is rearing her girls that will help them as they get older to be there self. iam happy she is starting to get more media attention from her roles in movies,she is so good but very humble..thank you scoop for the update you guys get some good life storys wow.poet terry fernando newton

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