Danica McKellar Jokes About New Breastfeeding “Diet Rage”

Danica McKellar Jokes About New Breastfeeding “Diet Rage”

New mom Danica McKellar recently took to Facebook to share a tip about what she jokes may become “the next diet rage.” The 35-year-old actress/mathematician, who welcomed baby boy Draco on September 7, writes:

Breastfeeding: The bikini diet? Makes your breasts grow while literally pumping calories out of your body, and all while you’re sitting on the couch. They say with a few weeks’ patience and a breast pump, any woman can lactate, even without a baby. It could very well be the delirium of sleep deprivation talking, but could this be the next diet rage? :)

Who knows? Hollywood has certainly seen stranger dieting trends than this!

Before the birth of her son, the former The Wonder Years star chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about a few of her parenting aspirations: “I plan to breastfeed for at least a year. Mike and I plan to do lots of ‘babywearing’ in wraps/slings, and of course give the baby tons of love. The rest will work itself out.”

Draco is the first child for Danica and her husband, composer Mike Verta, who were married March 22, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous

    Not true. I had a baby 3 weeks ago and I never really lactated. I pumped every 2 hours all day long and only managed to get 2 ounces by the end of the day. I ended up having to put my son on formula because he was loosing so much weight. Not every woman can breastfeed. I wanted to for my son, but it just didn’t happen.

  2. Anonymous

    When you contacted the La Leche League and asked them to help you, what did they say?

  3. Anonymous

    The best “pump” for your breasts is your babies mouth…..Why use a pump, why not let your baby breastfeed?? No wonder you only got 2 ounces…..

    • Anonymous

      before you go criticizing people like that, you need to realize that you don’t know all the facts and then consider whether you should hold your comments to yourself.

      for all you know, her child has Down Syndrome (or some other health issue that involves upper GI/swallowing difficulties) and is not breastfeeding because the physicians told her not to.

      the cruelty the milk mafia will unleash on women they see feeding a baby with something other than a breast is quite amazing

  4. Anonymous

    yeah exactly but there are certain times when a mother who really wants to breastfeed can’t and has to use formula. for example if the childs sucking mustles are parrallized from birth so the baby can’t nurse. nor is a star breastfeeding a new phenomenon either even oscar winners/nominees have done it

  5. Anonymous

    Why is everyone so rude to everyone else. NO NOT EVERY WOMAN CAN BREASTFEED!!! My twins were born at 36 weeks and could latch on, I had many specialists that could not get them to latch on. They told me premature babies have a harder time latching on since they aren’t ready for it yet.

    So therefore I could not have the baby to my breast right away. So I did try and pump and pump and pump. I only got about 1oz everytime I pumped. I also have PCOS, which affects your lactation. I tried natural teas to help my milk come in and other medications. Nothing helped. I had to eventually give up and put my twins on formula. They are now almost 3 and never sick and very healthy.

    So don’t go judging people, be supportive, everyone’s situation is different!

  6. Anonymous

    To Blair

    Calm down. All someone asked is if the original poster sought out help from the forerunner on breastfeeding information. If the poster didn’t want feedback, than she should not have posted her personal struggle to begin with. Remember, this was an article on breastfeeding and the ability that DANICA has to do it. This was not an article on the struggles that a woman is having in not being able to breastfeed. We need to support both, the breast feeder and the formula feeder. This was an article on successful breastfeeding and the poster wanted to chime in on her not being able to breastfeed. So those who are breastfeeding, looking for other mothers like themselves, will give advice when it seems to be being sought out. If the poster didn’t want to start a discussion, she should have just said something positive about Danica wonderful experience and leave it at that.

    • kiki

      To One of the Many AnonymousPosters:

      Blair was absolutely correct. The poster who first made the comments about La Leche was not trying to be helpful and was only being snotty and condescending. It’s as if everytime there is a discussion about breastfeeding there are people out there who cannot wait to attack. Women need to stop judging anf start supporting one another.

    • blair

      you’re right, we need to support eachother. that poster was not trying to be supportive, she was trying to make that person feel bad.
      if she was wondering if the poster sought out help, she could have asked, ‘do you know that there are groups out there to help, such as the la leche league?’ but she chose to be rude about it.
      if sure the original poster would love our feedback, especially if she has more children in the future. but those types of comments are not going to help her. she didnt post her story so she could get sarcastic comments from snotty know-it-alls.

  7. Anonymous

    Freedom of speech…. Looks like both sides of this argument need to remember that. Good luck ladies. This has been a good read, from from sides.

  8. Anonymous

    OMG peolpe. Danica was kidding – IT WAS A JOKE!!!

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  11. kiki

    To all the “anonymous” posters who think they know what is best for everyone, try to have a little empathy. There are women out there who have tried every available resource and still are not able to adequately breastfeed. The feelings of guilt and failure are bad enough without having complete strangers telling you that you are a selfish person and a bad mother. How can you pass on the positive traits of grace, humility, and empathy to your children when you do not exhibit them yourselves?

  12. Anonymous

    Newborns shouldn’t be up every hour to eat. That’s insane and when would a mother sleep if she were up every single hour to breastfeed? Also when is the baby sleeping? My newborns slept for hours at a time then woke up, ate, then slept again for hours. I think maybe you were doing something wrong or weren’t producing enough milk if your baby was hungry every hour. How funny that you’re giving advice when your baby was up every hour hungry and its mommy didn’t even notice something was wrong.

    Wost of all, women like you make breastfeeding sound horrendous! Yeah I’ll be sure to tell all my new mommy friends to expect they’ll never sleep while their babies are newborns and that they’ll have a baby attached to their boobs 24-7. Just watch the ladies sign up for that insanity. Breastfeeding can be a positive thing but not with the way you’re selling, nutzo.

  13. blair

    ‘newborns’ are all different. maybe YOUR baby ate every hour, mine ate every 3 hours from the day she was born and still does at 4 months.
    and with my 1st child who never could latch on, i pumped every 2 hours just fine, for 6 months. just because it didnt work for her doesnt mean she didnt try, sometimes it just doesnt work, deal with it and worry about your own kids.

  14. Anonymous

    Actually, it it totally normal for newborns to nurse up to 14 times a day, and it heps with the milk production. To those mothers who are worried that they don’t produce enough milk because they can’t pump more than an once or two, babies are more way efficient than pumps when it comes to releasing milk. My cousin breast fed her infant exclusively until 6 months and then brest fed her in combination with solids for over a year. And she couldn’t even pump half an ounce. If your infant is gaining weight and producing approximately 8 wet diapers a day, she’s getting enough milk no matter how much or little you can pump.


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