Dennis Quaid & Family Breeze Through Brentwood

Dennis Quaid & Family Breeze Through Brentwood

Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly were snapped as they were out and about with their adorable twins Zoe and Thomas, 3, in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (November 7).

Dennis has been busy working on his new film Soul Surfer, the true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack but overcame all odds to become a championship competitor again.

Unfortunately, the actor has also been having to deal with lots of negative publicity involving his brother Randy Quaid. In case you hadn’t heard, Randy and his wife had more than a few scrapes with law, and now he says he’s concerned for the safety of his brother Dennis.

“I do have a relationship with him,” Randy said of his brother in an interview earlier this month. “It’s a been a little tense these last few years but you know I love my brother very much and we have some differences. I’m concerned about him because I feel he’s been victimized in the same way that I’ve been by the same people – accountants. I’ve tried, I’ve tried (to warn him) but he doesn’t respond.”

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  1. Sophie Smith

    That little girl is the most adorable celebrity child I have seen on this website! She’s so cute! Lucky parents!

  2. klutzy_girl

    Awww! So cute. Adorable family.

    And there were pictures of Dennis semi-shirtless in his Halloween costume a few weeks ago, and wow. Do like! I don’t even care that he’s 56, LOL.

  3. mackenzie

    adorable babies

  4. Anonymous

    Sweet kids. But for his kids sake he should behave more like an adult and party less or at least less hard. As for Randy, it is common knowledge he and Dennis haven’t spoken for years.

  5. Heart

    Beautiful babies i love zoe and thomas
    1my fave babies :D

  6. Pic

    They kids are beautiful ever seen in hollywood

  7. nicoleC

    that twins are cute

  8. Sophia

    Wow, Zoe and Thomas have gotten so big! He looks like a real little boy and she looks very girlie, which is so cute. Zoe’s plaits are totally adorable, she really is such a gorgeous little thing :)

  9. Heart

    Happy 3 pirthday zoe and thomas :D

  10. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness Zoe and Thomas are adorable! (especially Zoe!)

  11. B

    Zoe is so adorable, and she kind favor Shiloh little bet.

  12. B

    Zoe is so adorable, and she kind favor Shiloh little bet.

  13. Heart

    Zoe most beautiful
    than shiloh

  14. Pic

    Shiloh has pretty face and zoe has pretty face and i love buth

  15. Anonymous

    They moust beautiful child in hollywood than any child not just shiloh all hollywood kids

  16. Anonymous

    Zoe so gorgeous little girl

  17. Heart

    Zoe most beautiful child and dannielynn birkead too
    i love both


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