Marcia Cross & Twins: Strollin’ In Santa Monica

Marcia Cross & Twins: Strollin' In Santa Monica

Marcia Cross took her 3-year-old twins Eden and Savannah to run errands in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (November 9).

Eden looked cute in a turquoise dress while Savannah looked more sporty in a navy tee and pants.

The girls always manage to look different from each other. When they attended a Halloween party recently, Eden went as a cat and Savannah wore an astronaut costume.

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures


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  1. Anonymous

    She’s all done up like she’s going to work or an interview but her girls look all disheveled. She didn’t even bother brushing their hair.

  2. Anonymous

    She needs to spend more time on her girls.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow! one word…. BRUSH!!

    Seriously she cleaned herself up… poor little girls!

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe the girls didn’t want their hair done, and after three years of parenting twins, Marcia knows to pick her battles. Is it that big of a deal that her kids have messy hair?
    I just love Savannah’s dedication to dressing in all blue. It cracks me up.

  5. catvomite

    they look like homeless kids

  6. Anonymous

    You know-it-all bitches need to get a life… Marcia AND her girls are totally adorable!


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