Eddie Cibrian & Sons: Lunch In Calabasas

Eddie Cibrian & Sons: Lunch In Calabasas

Eddie Cibrian took his sons, Jake, 3, and Mason, 7, to Chick’s Restaurant in Calabasas, Calif. on Thursday (November 11).

When a photographer asked if he and LeAnn Rimes were engaged, Mason replied “Yes”. After hearing his son’s response, Eddie clarified with a laugh, saying “We are not engaged”.

Rimes echoed the denial from Nashville to The Tennessean on Wednesday.

“It’s insanity!” she said. “I don’t know how many times I have to say it. I say ‘no’ and people think we are and I’m just not admitting it.”

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Photo credit: KAMA/GSI Media

  • Sarah G.

    His youngest is so cute! He’s, like, a male version of Violet Affleck. He also reminds me of Mariska Hargitay’s son, August. :)

    • Anonymous

      You’re right Sarah, he does resemble Violet in looks and actions. Both kids are adorable. He seems so happy and active.

  • Anonymous

    Those boys are gorgeous The little one looks like his mother Poor kiddos I’m sure Leann paid for that lunch How does a 38 year old man live knowing he is living off a immature twit Grow up Eddie and get a job like other fathers do instead of trailing after sugar mama and living in her mansion

  • Anonymous

    At least he’s not caught meeting another woman. He’s been faithful since they met. At least as far as I know. Magazines lie but they also sometimes tell the truth. Brandi is not worried about those two. She only cares about her kids and he seems to be a good dad (besides embarrassing and disrespecting their mother). Leann is not their mother and she will never be. Yes, she’s treating them like her own but she also has to respect their mother. But it wouldn’t be leann if she did. Leann really just doesn’t give a (you know what). She can sleep well at night but that’s not keeping him from roaming.

    • K

      I don’t think that’s the case. I think LeAnn is treating those boys well and is respecting Brandi. Just because she tweets about them doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. She loves those boys and cares for them like they’re her own because she cares and loves Eddie, and in caring and loving him, she love those boys. I respect her for that, because she really doesn’t have to. I say that from experience because my mom’s boyfriend cares and loves me and my sister in the same way. Anyway, nice to see Eddie out with his boys. They’re all so adorable! :)

  • Anonymous

    This is not adorable, this is just plain sick. So once again this man is pimping out those kids. So what is he trying to promote? What? Did he get another job? Or is he trying to show the judge or court system that he is a “devoted father” because he takes those kids out to lunch? This man is rarely seen out and about with those kids, so the question is what is EC trying to promote? It is a shame that his man made such a fuss over his kids being exposed to the media and paps and then he uses them as props when he needs to improve his image with the public. Why do sites like this pat this man on the back? Because LR and EC pay you for the positive coverage?

    If Leann loved or even cared about those kids, she would not keep tweeting about those kids.

    Why would the kid say that they are engaged if they are not?

  • Anonymous

    Leann is going to be on that Home Makeover show on Sunday( We only know this because LR has been going and on and on about it on twitter page because as you know, she wants private things to be kept private), so since we are seeing this man with his kids when he has managed to avoid the paps how many times now, does that mean that he is also going to make an appearance on that Home Makeover show too?

    Why don’t sites like this call this man out? It is really obvious that he is using those kids to clean up his image.

  • Anonymous

    Leann (the same woman who cheated on her husband, who was called out by another website when she lied on her twitter page about being hounded by the paps, who whines about not having privacy but who will then go on twitter and tell every little detail of her life) can’t understand why people don’t believe a thing that comes out of her and Eddie’s “It’s not conducive to play anything out in public”(while he stages pda after pda photo=op with his mistress before his divorce was even final) Cibrian mouths?

  • Kathy

    You people say the same things over & over about EC & LR saying the same things over & over. Tell me now, what is the difference? They are not hurting anyone. When you read something or see pictures I’m sure it’s because they are happy. If you don’t like the things they write then why don’t you go elsewhere on the computer? There are hundreds of things to read. You like it. If you didn’t want to read it or look at it , you wouldn’t. I for one back EC & LR up 100%. I do think something is up with an engagement though. GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

  • Anonymous

    The boys are cuties

  • Anonymous


    Seriously, how many times do you pull this “you say the same thing over and over” card? That must mean one thing, this little photo-op must have backfired. Or are you upset because everyone saw right through this stunt?

    They are not hurting anyone? Well that is not what EC said in his custody petition. He said that exposing these kids to the media and paps was not child focused. This was the standard that EC set, so you need to be upset with him. Why do you feel upset when people hold EC to his own words?

    Are you serious? We also saw photos of LR looking happy with DS and EC looking happy with BG and by your logic that means that BG and EC were happy and LR and DS were happy, despite the fact that LR keeps saying that she was unhappy and unfilled, right?

    You do understand that looking happy, doesn’t mean that someone is happy, right? LR is smiling and kissing on DS, yet even though she looked happy, LR said that she wasn’t.

    Happy people don’t use innocent kids to make themselves appear to be better people.

    Shouldn’t you take your own advice? If you don’t like what people are writing about LR and EC attention seeking, then why don’t you stop reading it? There are hundreds of things to read. If you don’t like to read the negative feedback against LR and EC, you wouldn’t.

    You back LR and EC 100% because YOU are LEANN. We all know that Leann visits these sites.

    Leann is using that engagement to boost her single. How sad.

    Yes, good luck Leann and Eddie because Leann has to pose as fans because her fanbase is so low.

  • Anonymous

    We were right. He was using those kids to promote his career. After this photo was released, the issue of People mag sexist men of 2010 was released. What do you know, EC was included in this list. So EC thought that he could redeem his image by staging a last minute “I am a good dad(and therefore good human being) because I take my kids out to lunch and imply that my son is lying” photo-op?

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