Jennifer Garner’s Playdate Pals

Jennifer Garner's Playdate Pals

Mom-of-two Jennifer Garner was seen with her daughters – Violet, 5 in December, and Seraphina, 2 in January – as they arrived at a friend’s house for a playdate on Thursday (November 11).

Seraphina gave the paparazzi a soother-smile as mama headed into the Los Angeles home. Violet also caught glimpse of the nearby photographers. These two girls are so used to seeing the shutterbugs everywhere they go!

The girls’ father is Jen’s hubby of five years, Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. mackenzie

    I like the name Seraphina I think Harper is an ugly name.

  2. Jacqui J

    This website conveniently erased my comment about how they should give Jennifer Garner and kids photos a rest. The paparazzi follow this woman into her driveway and shoot her and sites like these not only condone that kind of behavior, they pay for the photos to encourage future stalking.

  3. Anonymous

    She needs to stop treating the oldest kid like a baby. She lets them suck on the paci way too long. It discourages verbal interaction. Over indulgent parent in my opinion, which creates monsters.

  4. Haley

    Classic “helicopter” mom.

  5. Bird

    I don’t understand how the paparazzi catch them going into a friend’s house. Does Jennifer Garner call them and tell them where she’s going? Is the house wedged between a hair salon and a tanning salon where the photographers happen to be hanging out?

  6. Elizabeth

    Dare I say that little Sera is definitely more beautiful than Violet?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Both girls are beautiful and look very much alike, Seraphina still has a lot of baby in her and doesn’t smile as big as Violet but they could actually be twins. As adults, they will look exactly the same. I think the same could be said for Shiloh and Vivienne. (They have the same features as their older sisters)

      • Anonymous27

        I don’t think they look alike at all. Sera looks so much more like Ben. As for Shiloh and Vivienne they are obvioulsly sisters but Shiloh is a lot prettier. Sadly Vivienne looks like she has down syndrome.

  7. Audrey

    It’s been quite while since we’ve seen Violet with a pacifier. It is probably safe to say she doesn’t use it anymore. My daughter lifts her son (6 yrs) out of their SUV because it’s faster which is what it looked like happened here. And I say, if you want to carry your child and can, then do it. Time passes quick enough and it will soon be impossible.

    And as for messing up speach, my granddaughter talked out of the side of her mouth with a paci in it at 3 1/2 like a pro.

  8. Sunny Sue

    OMg, you guys are so weird. You know these people aren’t your friends, right? And they don’t care what you would or wouldn’t do if you were parenting Violet?

  9. Anonymous

    I’m not going to enter into any arguments but I would like to say, I think Jennifer Garner is an awesome mom and should be commented for the way in which she parents her kids considering practically every move she makes is photographed. (That alone would drive be batty) Someone is bound to disagree with her methods, but she goes right on during as she says in all her interviews, doing the best that she can. Kudos to her.

    I will also say that her kids always look very content and comfortable in her care. She must be doing something right.

  10. Sarah G.

    My 16 year old cousin still likes to sit in my lap and her older sister’s, who’s the same age as I, lap.

    By the way, I think Jen looks really pretty in this pics. Her tennis shoes are the only thing I’m not fond of.

  11. Anonymous

    Gorgeous mother and daughters! Jennifer seems like a wonderful mother, so down to earth. Violet and Seraphina are absolutely adorable!

  12. Anonymous

    Ben & Jen’s mix didn’t create cute kids at all.

  13. mackenzie


  14. Anonymous

    Seraphina has an ugly name but she’s one of the prettiest celeb babies, and so so cute!

  15. Sarah G.

    Seraphina’s getting so big! :-o And Violet’s beautiful, as always. :)

  16. Gina

    I wonder who’s house it is?

  17. Anonymous

    I don’t get what this obsession is with Jennifer carrying Violet. It’s her child. Mothers often carry their children. Get over it. Four is still little, four-year-olds still get tired and need cuddles, and besides, it might be simply that the paparazzi unsettle Violet a bit so she wants to be close to her mama to feel safe. God, I still carry my 6-year-old sister sometimes. What would you people have to say about that?!

  18. Anonymous

    These children always look happy, so Jennifer Garner is doing well by them. I do find it odd that she carries her almost-five-year-old child out of her car seat — Surely Violet is capable of walking out of the car on her own. It’s obviously Jennifer’s choice, she is the mom — but it strikes me as treating Violet like a toddler for way too long.

  19. Blair

    these girls are so gorgeous.

  20. Heather

    Violet and Seraphina are adorable, but I just have to say, Jennifer has an butt that won’t quit! Check out those tight buns in those leggings! I am jealous of her and I am ten years younger!

  21. Shell

    Ever notice the truly tasteless and tacky people hid behind the name Anonymous?

  22. sam

    i am surprised by the paci thing. Jen Garner is such an alpha-mom that rarely misses a trick and yet… her kids use the dummy for a very long time. i’m just surprised that jen “raw vegies for snacks” garner uses them.

  23. Shell

    seraphina is a butt face.

  24. Anonymous

    With all that carrying, she will need a Piggyback Rider to haul them around. Check it out:


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