Kendra Wilkinson Is A Happy Mama

Kendra Wilkinson Is A Happy Mama

Mom-of-one Kendra Wilkinson was all smiles as she and her beautiful son Hank, 11 months, arrived at a Los Angeles, California hotel today (November 13). Kendra met up with a few friends and filmed some scenes for her reality show.

The former Playmate recently revealed her baby boy’s latest milestone: He’s walking! She took to Twitter just last night to share the news:

AHHHHH!!!!!! BABY HANK JUST TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!!! 5 IN A ROW!!!! so proud and happy!!!!!

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    He’s adorable! He’s a good mix of both his parents, but I can see more of his father in him.

  2. mackenzie

    I can’t stand Hank jr parents but. Baby Hank is beyond adorable.

  3. Leah

    Couldn’t care less about Kendra Wilkinson, but her little boy is beautiful!! x

  4. Anonymous

    I am a mother of four beautiful children and know how wonderful it is to see your first baby walk for the first time. I have looked forward to seeing what is to come next with kendra I have watched her on tv ever since she was with heff on his show…. yay! Go kendra you are a great mom and keep doing what you do mommy cause you look great and don’t let anyone bring you down!

  5. Anonymous

    such a cutie wootie chunky munky. he’s starting to look like his daddy too cute.

  6. kasey

    That baby is the cutest thing, IDK what some of you people are talking about!!

  7. Reality

    Will she be introducing Hank to her porn friends when he reaches puberty? I’m guessing she’ll make sure he has a sex tape when he’s 18 so he can cash in on it later in life. Heff doesn’t do boys, does he?

  8. Anonymous

    This little boy is soooooo gorgeous!

  9. Anonym

    Pritty kendra she always grogeouse and cut hank

  10. Tafe naif

    Hank growup to be sooo handsome man

  11. Sweet

    He cute

  12. Anonymous

    Beautiful child. He has Kendra’s color but I see some of his dad in him too. They made a gorgeous child.

  13. Anonymous

    Awwwwwh how cute! Baby Hank is adorable! And of course Kendra is gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous

    Nathing kendra and cute boy

  15. Dpantelis

    Very beautiful kid and Kendra looks very nice. She is so natural.


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