Pete Wentz Is A Hello Kitty Fan! Bronx, Not So Much

Pete Wentz Is A Hello Kitty Fan! Bronx, Not So Much

Pete Wentz stopped to chat with E! News while visiting the popular Hello Kitty/Sanrio show currently taking place in Los Angeles, Calif.

Pete described the allure of Hello Kitty as being “timeless” and admitted that he’s been a fan of the world’s most merchandised cat “as long as I can remember.” But he also let on that Bronx, his son with wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, had loyalties that lay elsewhere.

“When we were in Japan we went by the stores and he scoped it out,” Pete said. “But he’s still into Blues Clues and Spongebob. Stuff that he sees all the time.”

And speaking of Bronx, the toddler turns 2 in a few days, on November 20!

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