Willow Smith: “I Can’t Do Whatever I Want”

Willow Smith: "I Can't Do Whatever I Want"

Looking at a list of 10-year-old Willow Smith’s accomplishments can make a person feel downright lazy. She’s already scored a hit single with Whip My Hair, has a recording contract with Jay-Z’s label, and it looks like she’ll eventually follow brother Jaden into a movie career.

So it’s easy to assume that this ambitious daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith would be your typical spoiled child star. Not so. “I can’t do whatever I want,” Willow says. “Mommy has to say it’s okay.”

And this is one kid who is quick to give credit to her biggest supporters – her parents. “Mommy and Daddy inspired me to be a performer,” Willow says. “I get my flow from Daddy, my singing ability from Mommy, and the camera stuff from both. That’s just what happens when you hang out with the Smiths!”

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  • Heather

    Such a cute and well spoken little girl!! Kuddos to her creativity and that she is supported in discovering it!

  • Anonymous

    i agree. love that she still says mommy an daddy. it shows she’s still just a little girl.

  • LaKesha

    I love this kid!

  • Anonymous

    That song is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    my 11 year old niece loves this song, I dont really like it much but it not for adults it for kids. I would rather her listen to a singer her again then some of this other crap

  • casey

    Huh anon you make no sense.

  • Anonymous

    Of course you can’t, you are a child! Duuh!

  • mackenzie

    I don’t like this family but I’m glad she’s not a spoiled brat. Her parents set rules for her.

  • Anonymous

    That whole statement sounds very scripted to me. It doesn’t seem like something that would naturally come out of a child’s mouth. Both of the Smith kids always seem very “prepped” in all of their interviews.

    • Anonymous

      Of course they do – their mother teaches them what to say. She knows people will think that it’s OH SO CUTE that she still calls her parents mommy and daddy…

  • Janice

    Cute child,very talented kid…God bless…

  • Ondine

    How awful for the parents to pimp out their children Hollywood-style. I can’t believe the parents don’t value childhood and prefer to see their kids working and earning a living in the entertainment business. The Smith children will be burned out long before adulthood and the public will have tired of them by then anyway.

    • Rossze

      @Ondine , helping your children to become who they want to be is not pimping.
      Would you say that about Shirley Temple? or Donny and Marie, Melissa Gilbert,
      Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields. In what parents do, some do it for the best of their child, some don’t. It is the same with parents everywhere. In family business kids work, not matter what it is. Farming, food, photography, medicine, cutting yards, fixing cars, .. Giving your children a life in entertainment has a chance at being good for them as it does being bad. The public unlike you have a way of not getting tired of Hollywood…..Dick Clark! Especially if you are talented! you are just a negative person.

    • Anonymous

      I guess Dakota and Elle Fanning parents are pimping them out since they have been in movies since they were 5 yo. Are you tired of them seeing them on the RC, on Ellen, Letterman ,acting in Pg13 and R rated movies like Hounddog in rape scenes when she was 13

  • Janice

    Cute child,very talented kid…God bless…

  • Jules

    very very scripted.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I think she does.

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