Update: Mason Disick Hospitalized Due To Allergic Reaction

Update: Mason Disick Hospitalized Due To Allergic Reaction

Update: Kourtney Kardashian has taken to her blog to give some more details on Mason’s trip to the hospital this weekend.

Friday night Mason ate some peanut butter and had a little allergic reaction to it. He threw up within minutes of tasting it and got hives on his face. I called 911 and the fire department came immediately. They suggested that we take him to the hospital, so we did. He was in good spirits the whole time and didn’t even know anything was wrong. He even enjoyed riding in the ambulance. He’s such a good boy!”

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick had a major scare over the weekend when their 11-month-old son Mason suffered an allergic reaction to peanut butter.

RadarOnline.com reports that Mason and his mom were rushed to the hospital by ambulance on Friday night at around 10pm.

“Scott was terrified,” says a witness of Mason’s dad, who followed behind by car. “He was clearly pretty worried about whatever was going on, but Kourtney was far more in control of the situation.”

According to TMZ the concerned parents called 911 when their son suffered an adverse reaction to peanut butter. Thankfully everything turned out okay – Mason is now “totally fine” and back home with mom and dad.

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  • Kimberly

    Helloooo? He’s 11 months old, why did someone give him peanut butter? I suppose he could have gotten it by accident, but I really hope they didn’t give it to him.

  • Anonymous

    He wasn’t hospitalized. He was taken to the hospital, checked by a doctor and then released. Geez. He was laughing and fine in the ambulance and there was no real emergency. These people are all about the drama even when it comes to their kid. Plus, children are not suppose to have peanut butter when they are 11 months old.

  • dholmas

    I am sure they were trying new food for Mason. A small piece of bread with peanutbutter is perfectly acceptable. He just happened to have a reaction as a lot of kids do. I don’t think will let him have it again.

    • Brooke

      You can’t just “try new foods” with an 11 month old. There are certain things they are absolutely not supposed to eat.

      • Anonymous

        does anyone out there know what they are talking about?
        As a pediaric APRN I can tell you that new foods should be intoduce as early and 4 months. You start with cereal, then friut and veges and so on. You only introduce one new food per week so that if a reaction does occur you know the offending food. And by a year of age there should not be anything that the child can not have unless there is an allergy to it. The only reason certain foods are delayed (ie strawberries, eggs, whole milk, peanuts or any nuts) is because there is an increased change of developing an allegy to these foods if started too soon.

        Kourtney’s reaction was appropriate. She did nothing wrong. If you place a comment and claim it as fact, you should know what is true and correct protocol.

    • guccilizzy

      As others have stated there are specific foods like eggs, honey, peanut butter that you are not supposed to give to children until they reach a certain age. I know peanut butter is one of those because my son is allergic. His daycare person once gave him some when he was less than a year old. He hada reaction but thankfully nothing serious. This is pretty common knowledge for a parent who does any sort of research (and should have been for my experienced daycare person). Bottom line: whoever gave it to him was totally irresponsible.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, responsible parenting. Pediatricians make it very clear that children under 2 have a high likelihood of allergic reactions to peanuts so they are either deaf, dumb or both……I vote for both. Esp. since they released this story to the media.

    • Anonymous

      that is not nice to say.when you have kids,as they grow you will findout what they can and what they cant eat.My daughter was 10 months when she started eating a lot of the foods we as grownups eat.its just a point of looking what they canand what not.

  • Rachel

    911 for hives? Get in a cab and go to the hospital. If he didn’t enter into anaphylactic shock, there was no need to use the 911 system.

    We aren’t supposed to give kids under 2 (my Ped said 3) peanut butter but it does happen. We are always so excited to give new foods to the first kid. I wouldn’t give them too much slack for that. However, neither kept their cool if they took an ambulance ride for hives. What the hell will they do if he falls and needs stitches?

    • guccilizzy

      I disagree. My son is allergic to peanut butter and the Dr told us that if he ever ingested any to call administer an epipen immediately and call 911. I would rather be safe than sorry. Obviously they didn’t know he was allergic and didn’t have an epipen so I think they were smart to call an ambulance. Are you aware that people die from allergic reactions? Sometimes it starts with hives and gets worse.

    • Alma

      At my kids nursery (in Holland) they give peanut butter from 1 year old, but I was against it, also of fear of allergic reactions and as I wanted to wait til my twins become 3 ya. The kindergarden has changed the regulations now and they only give peanut butter from 3 yo.

  • Jennifer Redgrave

    Oh man, please! What a drama.
    This 31 year-old woman never seen her sisters and brothers having an allergic reaction or even throwing up ? My 6 year-old daughter have seen so many times her sisters doing it that she knows what to do. Call an ambulance ?! And showing it at the Internet ?! Come on, somebody has to teach this GIRL how to lead with a child. She can be mom for the first time, but she has five siblings. It seems like mom Kris didn’t teach her girls to be women (my opinion). I love the Kardashian Family, but please grow up …

    • guccilizzy

      This doesn’t even make any sense. I grew up in a family of 7 and never in my life was exposed to anyone with allergies until I had my son. They were absolutely right to call an ambulance.

  • Miss Manners

    Come on, ladies! This is her first child, he ate peanut butter and started to have a reaction and it scared them. They panicked and called 911 thinking he COULD get worse. If they hadn’t and he ended up going into anaphylactic shock, you’d all be here saying, “How could she NOT have called 911 immediately!?!” Maybe, as women, we should be supportive and understanding a less critical of each other as mothers. You don’t know how you would have reacted because you weren’t there.

  • Anonymous

    Peanut allergy can translate into death, they did the absolute right thing. An allergic reaction to peanuts may start slow, but can lead to anaphylactic shock. I am shocked at the coward comments above.

    Children and adults die because of peanut allergies, it is severe.

  • Victoria

    Yeah well when it’s your kids breaking out and you don’t know what’s wrong and if it’s going to get worse lets see if you’re so cool, calm, and collected.

    • flower

      I like this.

  • Carrie

    Everyone needs to relax! I just went to my ped today but I saw a weird patch of skin on the back of my 11 month olds head and it ended up just being dry skin! lol I’m not ashamed I went to see my doctor because its better to be safe than sorry. I don’t call my ped for everything but as a first time mom its a learning process! Isn’t everything?!

  • Anonymous

    I hope her kids ok but why is she twitting about it know one would about what happens unless she or her family put it out there. She does not want him on the show any more but she has no problem twitting and doing interviews once a week about every little thinking that happened in his life as well as posting photos of him.

  • Anonymous

    All of my kids ate peanut butter fairly young, I’d say at 12/13 months. I’m sure it was just one of those things and it got blown out of proportion.

  • JMO

    Actually back when I was younger you never heard of anyone having a peanut allergy. We all had seafood, peanut butter, etc and none of us ever became allergic to anything. I don’t think it’s really not good to wait so long introduce foods in fact I think by waitin is what is causing more kids to have more allergic reactions. Yes pediatricians will tell you to wait but many of them do not even have a right answer to what age. For instance my niece it was 12 months, my cousin’s son she was told age 2. My friends son it was 18 months. Kids have reactions to new foods sometiems it happens. Doesn’t mean they all will. Whenever we introduce new foods we always keep benedryl handy. And just because you may have a minor reaction to something doesn’t mean ur allergic. Sometimes it’s your bodies way of responding to new foods.

  • Anonymous

    if her sister really hook up with Halle’s ex hot hubby
    it will kill me

  • sam

    My mother kept her baby book and they wrote on the front page that she should make sure that her infant went to sleep on her stomach and received 30 minutes of direct sunlight every day. All this shows is that early childhood recommendations change – DRASTICALLY.

    we don’t really know if early or late introduction of foods affects the incidence/severity of food allergies. in australia they have just reversed the late introduction stance and are now advocating early introduction of “high risk” foods to try and decrease allergy issues in the population (not sure if this applies to nuts…).

    the parenting police should keep this in mind and try to keep the shrill and smug tone out of their comments.

  • Tearra

    Dang y’all are judgmental. Please don’t act saintly as if you’ve NEVER made mistakes with your children. This is her first baby and every mother doesn’t have the guidebook to parenting that you all obviously have. Motherhood is a constant journey of learning and a lot of times that is by trial and error. Thank God it wasn’t a serious reaction and I’m sure she now knows not to try out new foods on an 11 month old. The same thing could have happened if he was 11 years old.

  • Carrie

    Have any of you bullies on here read the baby blog on people? It talks about mommy bullies! She didn’t leak the story, it was on the web before they even got home, they get followed everywhere they go. Lets face it, we are all trying to be the best moms we can be, that doesn’t mean we are perfect, because there is no perfect mom. Get over yourselves and give other moms a break.

  • Country girl

    Hey leave her alone. She did the right thing. Allergic reactions can kill, and she did the right thing. Better to be safe than sorry. She is a great mom.

  • Sues

    Too bad Mason is such an unattractive kid.

    • flower

      your mean and not human.If you have children I hope for your sake they look like a model.

  • Anonymous

    The AAP has new recommendations for feeding infants allergenic foods. They are now suggesting that early exposure is preferable to waiting until after 1 year, and recommending that infants be exposed to allergenic foods around 9 months. This boy’s parents didn’t do anything wrong. They were likely following the advice of his pediatrician.

  • flower

    to all of you that have negative comment.He is 11 months old and it is time for him to be introduced to all kinds of foods so they will know what he can and what he cannot eat.how do you think you knew you were allergic to something or didnot like ?By eating it.

  • TDfaninTX

    Allergic reactions are NOT to be taken lightly. She absolutely did the right thing in getting emergency medical help for her son, who by the way, is cute as a button! No drama just for the sake of drama! Leave her alone!

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