Kingston Rossdale’s New ‘Do

Kingston Rossdale's New 'Do

Someone’s got a new ‘do! Rockstar parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were seen arriving with their two kids – 4-year-old son Kingston and 2-year-old son Zuma – at her parent’s house on Thanksgiving Day (November 25) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Kingston rocked a new ‘do for the family outing. What do you think of his dyed and shaved locks?

Earlier this month, we spotted the Stefani-Rossdales enjoying a day at the park together.

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  • Anonymous

    Kingston is so cute and I love Gwen but she really shouldn’t dye his hair he is too young for that.

  • mackenzie

    she needs to stop dying his hair

  • Estoria

    I don’t see how his hair is dyed or where. Hair is always darker underneath. Personally I would never shave my child’s hair like that. He’s 4 not 21. JMO.

    • Shirilicious

      Yes, hair is always darker at the roots but look at the difference of shades here. He has brown-ish hair at the roots but the rest is peroxide blonde. Doesn’t look natural to me at all.

      • Estoria

        Ok fair enough. I guess I just don’t keep track of his hair colour enough lol. Why would someone put peroxide on their child especially at that age?!?! Btw to the person who commented about letting a four year old decide…umm I don’t think so. Who is the parent here? If I went by what you said I would have to say he is. No way in my household.

  • Blair

    estoria, kingstons natural color is no where near that light.

    • Estoria

      Aye, so I’ve been told. I stand corrected.

  • caitlin

    I think it’s obvious she dye his hair. Kingston hair is dark brown one day the next its light blond. I don’t think a little boy hair color change that quickly. everybody know she dye her young son hair.

  • Anonymous

    ADORABLE!!! They are so damn cute!

  • Anonymous

    He looks aweful….I hate his shaved head. His curls are way cuter!

  • Anonymous

    I actually like it a lot, he looks really cute with a little bit of edge. Zuma is a really cute kid too, those two make pretty babies.

  • Lioness

    I looooove it- it looks really, really good on him!! I personally wouldn’t dye my kid’s hair, but she doesn’t appear to dye to the roots, so I suppose it’s ok… I just know he looks great, very cool haircut!!!

  • Anonymous

    He is cute and I like his new do, BUT his parents should stop dye his hair. He’s way to young for that.

  • Zsu

    Cute kid but bad parenting. Dyeing such a young child’s hair is all about them, not about putting the child first.

  • Anonymous

    AWFUL, gwen SHOULD learn to respect and embrace natural beauty of little children, she makes her son looks like he is on his teens. Children should be children and not mini adults, this shows she seems to be very shallow and controling.

  • Grandma of Four

    Kingston is one cute little guy! I teach elementary school in a very upscale community and that haircut is all the rage! My adorable, very blond (and not dyed!) 5 year old grandson has the same do! Zuma has the cutest smile! A melt your heart smile! And, I love the shoes! Vans, possibly? My 38 year old son loved his as a youngster! Very fashionable! :-) The little fellas are just as cute as can be!

  • Rosie

    Kingston had a similar hairstyle in the summer of 2009,so it’s not exactly new,and to be honest,I think it is very unfair to judge.No responsible Mom,especially one as devoted as Gwen,would ever force her child to have a particular hairstyle,or do anything even remotely harmful to her child.Gwen told InStyle earlier this year that she realizes that children Kingston’s age like to be control of certain things-he likely wanted to sport this hairdo again and I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with that.Kingston and Zuma are both beautiful children,but in my opinion it is a little ridiculous to start a discussion about the hairstyle of a four year old child,especially when all in all it is invasive for the paparazzi to be snapping photos of Gwen and her kids in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Your statement that Kingston wanted to sport this particular hairdo again is absurd.

      • Kaye

        So, a four year old is allowed to call the shots already? Personally, I think it’s sad that she and Gavin have to project their “style” on these poor kids.
        But I guess the whole inspiration thing goes both way. She’s forever wearing pants that look like she’s wearing a saggy diaper. She had to have gotten that from the boys.

  • JMO

    maybe he wanted to look more like Zuma. Quite frankly I like him with dark hair and I like him natural but this is Gwen and Gavin’s kids so they’ll never have a normal look.

  • Rosie

    I didn’t mean to assume anything about the personal life of Gwen and her family in my previous post,but I don’t think my observation is all that absurd-Gwen said in an interview with InStyle earlier this year that Kingston likes to pick out his own clothes,and she lets him,which is not to say she and Gavin don’t set boundaries;I think both Gwen and Gavin have shown themselves to be responsible,caring and dedicated parents.Again,I think it’s unfair to judge the actions of devoted parents like Gwen and Gavin,and no offense,but it’s irrelevant what look for their children complete strangers may ”like” better,as is what someone’s definition of ”normal” is-Kingston and Zuma by all accounts seem to be happy,healthy,and well-adjusted children,that is the only important thing,at least in my opinion.

    • abby

      how have they shown themselves to be responsible, caring, and dedicated parents? just wondering.

    • Anonymous

      sure… kington asked to dye his hair when he was around 2 1/2 umm ok

    • Anonymous

      You are talking about Gwen letting Kingston pick out his own clothes, not his hairdo. This topic was about what we think of his new do.
      Yes, you are right that it does not matter what the “complete strangers” think. However, these “complete strangers” are just giving their opinion on his new do.
      I personally like the cut, but they should just keep his natural color.

  • Rachel

    I love this new hairdo again!! he has it in 2009 & become it again so in my opinion it looks so good on him. he is the coolest kid on the block!!

  • Anonymous

    I think she needs to let her child be a child….stop trying to use him as a fashion accessory. Like we’re all going to think “Oh she’s so trendy – she’s so chic and hip….” Nope. Just bored and looking for attention anywhere she can find it. Unfortunatley – she found it on her kids head. Poor guy. Just my 4 cents!!

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with your 4 cents!

      • Anna Jones

        8 cents!

  • daisy

    ROSIE i completely agree with you! seriously people need to get over this topic! when he had it done the first time, there was loads of similar comments to these, he’s four years old he’s going to want to decide on some things! just because he’s dyed his hair does not make gwen and gavin bad parents.
    anyways i think the boys look so cute as unsual!

  • Grandma of Four

    For heaven’s sake! My 3 grandsons (4 – 5 – 9) wear the same attire! Cargo pants, a printed tee, toastie vest, socks, and what I would bet are VANS! Kids all over the USA wear the same thing! Do any of you folks go into pre-schools…elementary schools??? These little guys are right with the fashion program of other kids their age! And, Kingston hair is not that outrageous! Kids all over the place are sporting the same haircut! Don’t be so critical! He is absolutely NOT that unusual! And, I am a 67 year old very conservative dresser grandma grade three teacher! Who knows, next spring Kingston might opt for a “spike” do! THAT is very “in” as well!

    • Anonymous

      We aren’t talking so much about their clothes we are talking about the dying all over platinum blonde to a 4 year old since he was 2 1/2!!!wtf what’s wrong with people? Parents like Gwen should leave little children alone, taking fashion so seriously it’s absurd and stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Read the comments again Grandma. Most of the people are concerned about the harmful chemicals being used on a 4 year old, and rightfully so…not just the haircut or clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most comments above. Sadly Kingston and Zuma seem to be fashion accessories to Gwen, she tries way too hard to polarize her own style on her kids. Those two boys NEVER look casual, while I think this is bad enough, she just tops it all off by dying an infants hair. They’ll have time to dye their hair and be rockers for the rest of their lives IF they want to. Let them be kids and stop making them think that hair and clothes are so immensely important

  • Danielle

    I agree with above comments of this, its OTT and trying to hard to be fashionable and I find it very hard to believe Kingston asks to look like this. Most 4 yrs Ive met/ worked with you have to convince to go for a trim and fidget etc let alone sit there for ages having a dye job. :S

  • Anonymous

    He is cute and very handsome like mom

  • Rosie

    Gwen HAS let her children be children,and always will-this is the exact quote from Gwen from the April issue of InStyle where it’s clear that she does let Kingston pick out his own clothes,which,again,is not meant to imply that she and Gavin don’t set boundaries or rules, but just to make the point that she doesn’t force her own style on her kids:
    Q:Does Kingston pick out his own clothes? He has such a cool style, and he really seems to own it.
    A:I know! At that age they like to be in control of everything, so I let him choose.

    Similar recent quotes from Gavin:

    “Kingston and Zuma each love to pick out their own clothes so my role in that has diminished,” Rossdale, who is preparing for a duet with Carlos Santana at Nov. 21’s American Music Awards, said. “They are both very stylish little boys and have huge opinions on their own clothes.”

    This is another excerpt from a magazine interview with Gwen where it is obvious she understands that kids need to be kids:

    Q:Do you ever find yourself having total Momzilla moments, where you suddenly realize, oh my God, I have become the crazy mom screaming about organic carrots at the grocery store?

    A:[Laughs] Not too much. I think you start to relax after a while. I think we’re super relaxed about everything compared to other people with kids that we see. You realize that they are going to grow up and make messes and whatever. You can’t be psycho about it. Still, I understand the whole crazy mom thing because after you have kids you want them to have the best things-even if it’s the perfect organic carrot-because you love them so much. It just happens. Everyone should become a little bit crazy over their kid because kids deserve it. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ve had a lot of great things happen to me.

    It’s puzzling to me how anyone could question how Gwen and Gavin have shown themselves to be responsible and caring parents-even though they have nannies,they are constantly seen spending time with their children,and Gwen has said many times in interviews that her family is her number 1 priority.My two cents is that it is rude and unfarly judgemental to accuse Gwen of using her son as a fashion accessory when that is the furthest thing from the truth.

  • Anonymous

    So sad when a parent feels they need to ‘use’ their child to get attention. Shouldn’t a parent try to protect their child, and not purposely subject them to harmful chemicals?!! I guess it makes them feel like they are ‘hip and cool parents’??

  • Anonymous


  • Rachel

    I think Gwen has to appoint the clothes for her kids. I don’t believe that zuma is picking out his own clothes.. that’s too young age for that!!

  • Anonymous

    She DOES dye his hair, what I think is awful! seems like she doenst like to have a dark haired child since Zuma is super blond.

  • mrktlr

    umm I don’t think so. Who is the parent here? If I went by what you said I would have to say he is. No way in my household.
    Mark Taylor
    testking 642-481 certified professional

  • Anonymous

    My God !!! I looooooovvvvveeeeee Kingston’s new hair do !!!!!
    He’s such a beautiful and adorable love !!!! Zuma is my beautiful baby too !!!!
    His new hair do is the same that he had in 2009 when he was 3 years old !!!!
    And let Gwen alone !!! She wants the best for her chlidren !!!! and I dont’ agree when pepole say ” Kingston is awful with his new haid do” , He is always beautiful just like Gwen , Gavin and Zuma !!

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