Angelina Jolie Says Sometimes Work Is Easier Than Motherhood

Angelina Jolie Says Sometimes Work Is Easier Than Motherhood

Angelina Jolie admits that raising her brood of six can be exhausting.

The Tourist star, who is mom to Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 4, & twins Knox and Vivienne, 2, with actor Brad Pitt, says that there are times when she finds working much more relaxing than caring for her family.

“When me or Brad go away and work on films it gives us a bit of a break from the daily routine of being in the house and looking after the kids,” she tells Britain’s Hello! magazine. “You get spoiled on a film set and in some ways it’s easier to be working long hours on a movie than taking care of a large family just because you do get very tired at the end of the day.”

I felt that way especially after the twins were born because the demands on your time are so great. It meant that Brad had to spend a lot more time with the other kids because mommy was too busy or tired.

Despite often finding motherhood exhausting, the 35-year-old actress knows how fourtunate she is to have an incredibly successful career and the support of her partner, Brad.

“I’m very grateful to be in a position where I can still work and enjoy that creative part of my life and not feel like I’m neglecting my responsibilities as a mother,” she adds. “I also love having a man like Brad who enjoying looking after the kids the way he does, because it’s a lot of work.”

The Jolie-Pitt crew are currently residing in Budapest, Hungary while Angelina works on her latest film.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i don’t know if u have any kids but it’s hard! i think its great that she admits it, it makes her more human, i hate when celebritys just go around saying how great they are and can handle motherhood and work so easy. I have 5 kids and it’s hard, i wish i could get some time to get away sometimes!

    • Estoria

      Well if you had help like a nanny or two like her you could! I am about to have my fourth. I don’t find it that hard to be honest but then again my children are spaced out quite a bit. All three are in school full time so it will just be me and the baby, oh and one daycare charge. Piece of cake!

  • Anonymous

    She just being honest. A lot of parents consider going to work a break from being at home. I’m not even a fan of hers and I feel bad knowing how much crap she’s gonna get for this.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t believe I read anywhere in here that she would rather be elsewhere than with her kids. I often found being at work easier than being home when my 3 were young.

    I loved my children deeply, but many days my job was easier than my home life. That’s just being honest.


    I’m sorry, but many times find other places better than his home or his family means sorrow for decisions made. Rarely do people think before they have kids / get married. and the first sign of “wrong decision” is to flee. prefer to go elsewhere. be in any other places. simple. but who wants to admit you made a wrong decision? had children when he should not have had.?

    Then the person keep saying “caring for children is difficult” it´s not me that think it´s boring, taking care of children is actually boring .

    I’m sorry but I have twins and i love. i don´t want to be anywhere else except with my children and if i was the son of Angelina and hear her talking like that I’d be extremely hurt, because it is not correct attitude as a mother.

  • Anonymous

    Mandy, NO WHERE does Angelina say what you said she did. Parenthood is hard, especially with 6 kids so close in age and all needing Mom and Dad’s attention. She is being honest. She is also grateful for Brad being a great Dad. As a working Mom I know exactly how she feels. Sometimes the regular routine at work is easier than dealing with who knows what with your kids, LOL. But Angelina sounds like she loves her family like I love mind. She is a good person.

  • Anonymous

    Always love that she appreciative of the hands on father that Brad seems to be. Often times, most women don’t give their husbands the props. They seem to be a unit and support each other in all areas from the looks of it. Yes parenting is not easy especially if you are a hands on parent, so to her and many of us going to work is a necessary and match needed break to fuel yourself. Afterall you are not only a mother but other aspects too make you who you are.

  • Betty

    Hater are going to twist whatever she says around and make it a negative, if she would have said the opposite haters would have said that of course she thinks parenthood is easy because she has help and doesn’t have to be with her kids. Parenthood is hard work and a lot of parents feel that way as she does it make bad parents no just honest once.

    • Estoria

      What?!?! Your last sentence made no sense at all. Come again?

  • Charlyee

    Anonymous 5:17 Very well said I too think more hand on fathers should get recognized for it because there are a lot of father out there who don’t take care of their kids or those who are not very hands on and leave it up to us mothers to do all the work. And a round of applause to all of us working mother out there, we shouldn’t feel bad or let other people make us feel bad for seeing work as a break from kids, husbands or whatever else is going on at home.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that parenting can be hard especially when they are so close in age. I know they have nannies but really, what working parent doesnt? I wish I could afford a Nanny. They are able to focus on your kids and your kids alone. Just like daycare but more intimate.
    Angelina has really grown up from how she once was. A lot of us make stupid decisions when we are young but it isnt publized like actor and actress’s are. I give her kudos because when she had kids she really started growing up.
    I often have felt work to be a break and I say it. People find it funny but it is nice to get out and interact with the world as well as taking care of your loved ones.

  • mslewis

    Excuse me!! Look at this: “When me or Brad . . .

    ANGELINA JOLIE DID NOT SAY THOSE WORDS!!! She is an intelligent woman who speaks well and uses good grammar. There is no way in the world she would speak this way. Come on people. This is yet another made up story by a rag mag. CBS is quoting OK magazine and the person making up this story has poor grammar. You will never convince me that these words came out of Angelina’s mouth OR that Angelina Jolie gave an interview to them. Also, Angelina would NEVER tell a ragmag that she prefers to work rather than be with her children because she knows how her words would be taken out of context and turned into something it isn’t.

    Think about it. This is crap and Angelina did not say it.

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