Lance Armstrong & Anna Hansen’s Beach Babes

Lance Armstrong & Anna Hansen's Beach Babes

Dad-of-five Lance Armstrong and his girlfriend Anna Hansen had some fun in the sun on Miami Beach with their two children – Max, 17 months, and Olivia, 6 weeks – this morning (November 30).

Between tweets, papa Lance held his baby girl close while mama and Max had a great time kicking around the beach ball. Anna looks amazing six weeks postpartum!

The day before, we spotted Anna leaving their hotel for a stroll with the two kids and a nanny.

Lance is also dad to son Luke, 11, and 9-year-old twin daughters Isabella and Grace with ex-wife Kristin Richard.

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Photo credit: / Flynet


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  1. Alma

    Anna looks AMAZING, considering that she just gave birth 6 weeks ago?!

  2. Krissi from Austria

    Max looks just like his daddy!

  3. Brad

    Reporter: Miss Hansen, will Max win the tour de france?

    Anna: Urm I don’t know…maybe? We’ll let him follow his own path….he may not want to follow his father’s footsteps.

    Reporter: His father?……Oh you mean that doping cheat!!! He’s had has titles strippped from him… would he be following in his footsteps?

    Anna: YOU LITTLE S**T!!! That allegation hasn’t been proven!

    Reporter(laughing): Dream on bimbo – the writings on the wall

  4. I mean, he does have 3 other kids. How sad for them.


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