Happy 5th Birthday Violet Affleck!

Happy 5th Birthday Violet Affleck!

Name: Violet Anne Affleck

Date of Birth: December 1, 2005

Parents: Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Siblings: Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (01/06/09)


  • Violet’s first name was chosen to honour her maternal great-grandmother, while Anne is her mom’s middle name
  • Jennifer’s pregnancy with Violet was incorporated into the plot of Alias
  • Violet is an avid reader, often spotted with several books in hand
  • She loves playing soccer and is taking ballet lessons as well

Quotes from Parents:
“She has the ability to make me smile and feel so good and be so charmed that, when I’m not with her for a while, all I want to do is go home, just to be around her again.” – Ben, in 2007, on fatherhood.

“I think that kids inspire you to do everything you can. You want to be a great role model. But you don’t need to be inspired to help other kids. You don’t have to be a mom. You just see other kids in need and you want to reach out to them. It’s just a basic human emotion.” – Jen, on how her daughters inspire her.

“I am madly in love. I have the best family.” – Ben, on life with his girls.

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  • lynn

    Wanted to wish Violet Affleck a very HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY! Hope u have a great day today.

  • carolyn Robertson

    Wow, 5 years old! Happy birthday! :)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Violet! :-)

  • Heather

    Violet is just beautiful and very lucky to be raised in such a well rounded way. Happy birthday to her!

  • Jenny Schafer

    Happy Birthday cutie!!!

  • Anonymous

    she cant see the messages people

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I/s ok if she can’t see the messages some of us just want to wish her a happy birthday since we have known of her for so long. I remember when her mom was carrying her.

    She stole my heart years ago and has made me smile for many days even when I wasn’t having a good day. I would see her smiling face with those sweet dimples, like her mom (baby sis Sera also has them), and everything just somehow make me forget about my cares and things felt ok for me again.

    It may sound a little weird, but I LOVE this little girl. Happy birthday to an angel child is who is 5 yrs old today. Hope she has the best b-day ever!

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I find it weird that you dislike her. I would rather love than hate any day. The more love you give the more you get. Try it sometime. It might make a difference in the way you view the world.

    • Belinda Barnacle

      You don’t know her, and it IS WEIRD that you “Love” her.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know you either Belinda, but I love you too. I love all of God’s creatures. However, I love because of the love she has shown me with her sweet smiles.

        I hope someday you too will realize what love is…not physical love but pure love that come from within. The kind that the world was made of.

        • Anonymous

          you love all kids? WEIRDO!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I love every child in this world. Where is it written that you have to know a child to love it. Maybe if someone had loved you, you would find it odd to love a child without know it.

        I am sorry if I offended you but I never dreamed that my declaration of love for a celebrity child would spark such controversity. I apologize for offending anyone but not for loving a child. I stand by that.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe she’s only 5!!!
    Happy Birthday!

    • Anonymous

      i cant believe shes only 5 either. there are always so many freakin pictures of her it seems like she should be 35 by now.

  • Anonymous

    5 years down…5 years to go before shes lindsay lohan!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 4:10

    WOW that just wow you might want to get some help for the simple fact that you love a child that you don’t know and know nothing about except what you see in photos. Her smile makes you forget about your cares and makes you feel ok again I would subject that you never post another comment like that again because it make you sound like a stocker that Jen should be very concerned about .

    • Anonymous

      Love is never rude or unkind. It does not put on airs. It is never boastful but unconditional. What the world needs now is love..sweet love…it’s the only thing that there is just too little of.

  • Anonymous

    Happy bithday to a lovely little girl. Bless those who are without love and pray that someday they too will be as fortunate as she is.

    Love is manifested in many ways. Those who know what I am talking about understand this.

  • melo1983

    Happy birthday cutie!!

  • Anya

    She’s so beautiful ! Happy Birthday princess ♥

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