Kate Gosselin Says Her Children “Were Having Anger Issues”

Kate Gosselin Says Her Children "Were Having Anger Issues"

Kate Gosselin is continuing to set the record straight on two of her sextuplets, Collin and Alexis, 6. She insists they were not expelled from school.

“The school would never use that word,” she tells People. “[Collin and Alexis] were not expelled. [The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”

“They’ve been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy,” she added. “I could see that they’re the ones struggling the most.”

She also explains how they were acting out in the classroom.

“[Collin] was upset and saying things out of frustration – he’d crumple his papers and throw them on the floor. Alexis was angry in a different way. She didn’t want to sit still. She’d get up and want to run around.”

Gosselin also was on the Today show with Meredith Vieira Wednesday morning and admitted that Collin and Alexis “were having anger issues, acting out, having behavior things.”

As for raising the other sextuplets, Hannah, Leah, Aaden and Joel, and twins, Cara and Mady, 10, she’s doing the best she can.

I’ve kept the stability, the income – everything that they know and love – “I’ve come through on that. I am doing what my kids need me to do. That’s really all that matters.”

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  • Anonymous

    ” the income – everything that they know and love…” Really?!? They love the income? Interesting….

    • Carrie

      Yes, her kids are old enough to understand how they have been living and what is expected. If she lost that they would have to move into a smaller home, with all those kids? Come on! Quite finding fault with everyone.

      • Grace

        The house they live in is quite large, they could move to a smaller house without it being a tragedy. People have grown up in smaller houses than that and still had happy childhoods. I just can’t make sense of how/why so many people defend Kate by claiming that the children need to maintain the lifestyle they have – expensive schools, a big house, and constant trips do not automatically equal a happy childhood.

  • Carrie

    Should be quit!

  • alaina

    She caused Colin and Alexis anger. She brought this mess upon herself. Maybe she should consider her children feeling and not be in the lime light now.

    • Anonymous

      Kate’s fading , her show will get cancelled and she’s showing her frustration to her kids. She was on DWTS for goodness sake, she is always in heels, the Rocket ship is coming down and she ain’t happy about it..

    • Anonymous

      Actually, we *do* know what happened in their family, because they chose to sell the sanctity of their marriage and their kids’ childhoods to TLC for all the world to see. So no, I don’t feel sorry for her or her douchebag ex-husband…they made the choice to continue pursuing fame even after that pursuit destroyed their family. They absolutely, unequivocally brought this on themselves. The only ones I feel sorry for in this whole situation are those children.

  • Boston.Girl

    “[The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now.”

    Hi Kate as an ex-school director, these are REALLY nice words for kicked out or expelled. It means the kids were so out of control that the staff could not handle them. And typically it also means that they were a danger to the staff, other students, and themselves.

    Please get these kids into counseling if you have not already as they need more than financial support through out this life change. And PLEASE stop advertising what is going on at home – it is not helping the kids.

    • Anonymous

      The kids are in counseling once a week she said in the interview.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but your and her situation is NOT the same! She was a uber controlling bitch and pushed the kids father out of her life! Get real Kate…your kids have major issues right now and as previous posters have said don’t air your dirty laundry in public! I know she needs to support the kids but they need their mother right now not just a fill in caretaker!

  • sue

    She just making her rounds to draw up sympathy from gullible naive people that with believe her lies and get them to watch her show so she can stay on the air. Even if that means putting her kids business out there were all of their friends and everybody at school will know because she knows that TLC want to get rid of her butt.

  • Tazina

    Funny, I would have immediately picked Collin to be the one to have problems. I watched the show since Day one and he would hit and push the other kids with no expression on his face, whatsoever, just kind of a blank look, no remorse later other than being caught. Alexis just seemed really hyper, so maybe she can’t sit still long enough at school to concentrate on her lessons.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with Boston Girl – “not meeting needs” is the new way of saying “expelled”.

  • Lisa

    If a man goes out and travels for work everyone says it just part of life.
    If a woman does it, well thats just wrong now isn’t it.
    You can’t have it both ways people.
    If you want to return to the 50s when men made the rules so be it.
    But get off the internet because thats too modern for you.

    • Grace

      We’re not objecting to her traveling for work, we’re objecting to her exploiting her children’s personal lives to make money as well as putting them on a reality TV show.

      And it’s a matter of degrees on the traveling thing – I don’t consider either parent, father or mother, bad parents for traveling a little bit. But I do find it appalling when they travel as much as Kate does, especially when they don’t truly have to from a financial point of view. And if a man travels for work as much as Kate does then I do consider it a bad thing. I have no idea why you’re jumping to the conclusions that any of us would applaud a father for traveling as much.

  • Tazina

    It’s a vicious circle. She wanted the reality show to increase her income. Raising 8 kids and putting them through school – that’s a lot of money – and all of them the same age, not even time to save for the next one. The father is probably a deadbeat in terms of contributing to the family income. And then she overdid it with the travel and now she’s forcing things, even though some of the children are having emotional problems. She doesn’t seem to want to relinquish that next paycheck.

  • Gisele

    She is just a greedy bitch. She just HAD to have “one more kid” couldn’t just be happy with the two healthy ones she had already been given. Now she can’t give them all the attention they obviously need, instead she is worried about the money. Greeeeeeeeeeedy.

  • Anonymous

    Tazina said: it already been stated that John dose pay child support from the money he gets in residual income from John & Kate plus 8 and other things. This woman is so full of lies that she couldn’t tell the truth if her life dependant on it Kate and her 8 kids get paid for doing the show and she perversely said that the “kids have ample college funds, they will ALL go to college last year on Meredith, “, now she tells Billy Bush, “not enough money in the college funds” just another excuse to keep herself on TV unless she blow the kids college funds on herself. Kate could stop doing the she now and live really well off of John & Kate plus 8 and & Kate plus 8 residuals, book deals and TV appearance; she can also sale the million dollar house and get something smaller, get rid of the cooks, nannies but one for help and focused on her kids.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that!!!

  • Anonymous

    So bored with this woman. She’s in ALL OF IT for the money. Money got her her NEW LOOK, money got her her HUGE HOME, money got her on DWTS and the list goes on. She’s a wanna be celebrity. Seriously, go home and be a real mom.

  • Anonymous

    Did you verbally abuse your daughter’s father the way Kate did hers? Do behave like an all-around narcisstic bitch like she does, putting your own needs and desires above your kids? Does your quest for fame and money matter more to you than your children’s privacy?

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