Willow Smith: I Want To Be As Big As Lady Gaga

Willow Smith: I Want To Be As Big As Lady Gaga

Apparently Willow Smith isn’t content to just sit around and whip her hair back and forth – she wants to be the next Lady Gaga.

In fact the 10-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith says she’d like to even top the ‘Bad Romance’ singer. “I would like to be a very well known artist. I would like to be as big as Lady Gaga. I would like to be bigger. I’d like to be a big rock star,” Willow says.

But Willow, who has had huge success with her debut single ‘Whip My Hair,’ says fame isn’t all fun and games. “The hardest part is wanting to hang out with your friends when you have to work,” she admits.

“My friends will come over and you’re recording and you’re like, ‘Pleeease let me go with my friends. I don’t wanna stay here!’ but people are relying on you.”

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  • yogi william

    Wow! I am amazed that two people that seem to have some common sense would allow their 10 years old child to dress like that. Inappropriate clothing for a child.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what century you’re living in, but nowadays, this outfit is far from ‘inappropriate’. People who think it is are called ‘prudes’. Just sayin’.

  • Jules

    I can’t help but feel she’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmmmmmmmm, think I’ll just think my thoughts, future trainwreck

  • Anonymous

    Countdown to rehab starts now.

  • Anonymous

    oh please!! she’s just a kid, it’s normal! i have always wanted to be famous when i was a child.

  • Clarissa

    I’m sorry but how is her outfit inappropriate at all?! It screams fashion of the now, what the famous singers are wearing, and it’s not racy at all. It’s adorable and jaw-dropping that a girl as young as willow is not only getting big on her singing career but by the looks of it she can also become a big fashion icon.

  • lily

    I want to be bigger artist then lady gaga. Maybe willow should be a little girl she should go to school play with dolls. Play with her friends. Willow needs to stop trying to be successful at a young age. Fame and money is what willow think of.

    • Vivien leigh

      U r right, but the old Smith are wrong, not the kid, it does what they say, well, Smith, just take a look at Violet A. or Matilda L.or…every other kid, damn, on what earth are u living!

  • Cabos

    My question to all of you who complain so much about her being in the showbiz, how about Dakota Fanning, Elijah Wood, Christian Bale, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Connelly, Kurt Russel, Leo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman and MORE who started their careers being child actors, and some of them even younger than Willow?

    Not to mention so many current child stars like the ones who started in Harry Potter, Narnia, and so many other children movies and movies in general. Why is it a problem for some of you to see Willow being an artist at this age?

    • Boston.Girl

      I do not recall reading that any of those other actors you mentioned were out and about saying they wanted to be bigger than (fill in the blank famous person). I recall seeing a very composed and together little Dakota Fanning being griped about for being so composed and together.

      Willow has done nothing to garner the attention she is getting other than to have a seriously rich dad. Her acting has been average and I do honestly think her singing was any better. All of those stars you list SHINED in the roles they took. I honestly have trouble remembering this child’s name, never mind her song or any movies she has been in. She consistently comes across as a spoiled brat (look at how she pushed her brother out of the way during the Karate Kid stuff as an example).

      She is being pushed and forced on us (the public). I, for one, do not like it and refuse to read about her anymore.

      She will go away and play with her dolls and then turn up like all the other rich spoiled kids that do not do anything productive in life when she is 17 or 18 and she will have a reality show (can you name any of the rich spoiled girls who have reality shows and no talent???). UGG.

      • Estoria

        I concur! Very well said! Kudos to you for saying it like it is. I couldn’t agree more :)

      • Cabos

        Goodness, she said she wanted to be as big as Lady Gaga, NOT bigger than Lady Gaga or anyone else. You’re putting more than what it is there. And i don’t see anything wrong. Everyone, even the ones i mentioned have their idols to look up to. Nobody is forcing you to like her. You’re simply expressing your opinion on her, but i don’t see anything in Willow that i hadn’t seen before in any other child actor or artist. She has famous parents, yeah, but gimme a break, is she the first celeb kid you see becoming famous? Kiefer Sutherland, Sean Austin, Drew Barrymore, the Esteves/Sheen, Josh Brolin, all started really young. Yeah, having celeb parents puts you right at the door, that’s nothing new and it’s not a crime in showbiz.

        And again, what’s wrong with saying you wanna be big? When Madonna was young she said she wanted to “rule the world.” Everyone has dreams, big and small, but dreams. Wtf is wrong with that?

    • Anonymous

      AMEN!!! Well said!!

    • Anonymous

      @Cabos: AMEN!!! Well said!!

    • ShilyPants

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • Alice

    Stop with the Lady Gaga comparisons. Lady Gaga does not cater to parents or children or cares about being kid friendly. To be as big, you really need to get out of Hollywood cliches, Willow needs to have some sort of edge, and it probably can’t be bought by Will & Jada nor should it be accomplished at the age of 9 or 10. Really, how edgy can you be at that age?

    I’ll tell you one thing, her ass being kissed in this article and others with headlines like ‘I Want To Be As Big As Lady Gaga’ couldn’t be lamer or further from the edge. Sort of putting the cart before the horse.

    • Anonymous

      As if Lady Gaga is in any way really edgy, unique, or anything outstanding. She’s a bad copy of her predecessors who were actually exciting and different.

      As for Willow, it’s clear she just wants fame and attention and not to be a true performer with a love for music and dance.

      • Anonymous

        wow you are so right!

  • Heather

    Good luck sweet girl! Just remember to slow down and enjoy it. Look to your father for advise and guidance. He made very wise decissions about how to carry himeself and how to stick to his values in this industry.

  • Rebecca

    Ummm, Who is “relying” on a ten year old child?

  • Anonymous

    If she’s so annoying at this age, I wonder what she’ll be like in 5 years.
    Sorry, I have nothing against young children in the showbizz, but I just can’t stand this kid. She’s like a robot. And she certainly has a big ego.

    And to people who complaint if someone dares to comment this kid: she wants to be in the spotlight, she wants to be seen and heard. Well, she’ll have to endure some negative comments then.

  • Anonymous

    obnoxious spoiled brat!

  • Blair

    im so sick of seeing her camel toe…..please use a different picture for future posts….

    • Anonymous2

      I feel the same way…This oufit is so ridiculous, I’m sick of looking at it. Please use a different picture next time.

    • disgusted

      you are a disgusting person, if the first thing you look at when there is a picture of a child is her crotch…you actually make me sick

  • Anonymous

    The fact that people are RELYING ON A TEN YEAR OLD is just plain WRONG.

    Go play with your toys, little girl, and forget about being a rock star until you’re a grownup.

    And tell the people who are “RELYING ON YOU” to find an adult to promote.

  • Crystal B

    I am so sick of reading all these negative comments about a ten year old girl. Sounds to me like most of you are jealous. I believe that she is a very bright and talented kid that will go far in the business (and not because of her parents). I seen her performance on Ellen and she did great and conducted a very well interview. She is a child and she is just acting like her let her be a kid. Her outfit is nice a well put together and not revealing at all she has style and instead of criticizing her about you should be happy she is doing something productive. If that was your child I know you would not want anyone being negative. There are many other child starts out there not getting criticized for doing it so leave her alone. Willow keep doing what your doing I think your great and going to go far…. It’s ashamed how jealous you all sound of a child.

    • Estoria

      Jealous? Seriously?!?! What would I have to be jealous of a 10 yr old child for?!?! HAHA That is too funny. If you are going to be out there then you are going to be criticized regardless of age or anything else. If her parents are smart they have already taught her that. You have to have a tough shell to survive and make it. Better to learn that now than later. Besides she grew up with famous parents and I am sure she has heard all the comments before. I, for one am not ashamed nor am I jealous. I would not wish this kind of “career” on any of my children. It is a harsh world and it can be unkind sometimes. That’s life!

    • ShilyPants

      well said!

      • ShilyPants

        the “well said” comment was directed at Crystal B … NOT estoria… I just want to clarify that…

  • ShilyPants

    All this negative comments are rediculous!! Of course the girl wants to be a big star! What little girl didn’t want to be a big star? Show business is something she grew up with her whole life, having parents that have both acting and music careers. Why is it to be assumed that she is going to get into drugs just because she wants to sing and make music videos? She is just a baby and you sit there and talk about her like she is not even a person. Are any of you parents? Would you want people to talk about your baby girl like that? You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves….

    • ShilyPants

      these* not this

  • Dani

    Let a child be a child. Childhood only comes round once, Willow is over exposed. She can go into music when she is a lot older, her parents are not doing her favours letting her grow up so quickly.

    Willow should concentrate on school and just being a regular kid for now.

  • Anonymous

    The mothers who like this outfit are apparently the ones who let their 6 year olds dress like a sexy witch’s on Halloween.
    I am so sick of the Smiths. Will and Jada are bad actors and have not made a decent movie in years so pimping out their children is what is keeping them relevant. Now that is disgusting!

    Crystal B; you are an idiot who hopefully, has not reproduced. Seriously, get a brain. This girl should be reading and playing with dolls; NOT going on Ellen and touring.

  • Anonymous

    I stand corrected. There are numerous idots on this board who think like you.

  • Anonymous

    sorry but a black girl cant be lady gaga ever

  • Anonymous

    sorry but a black girl cant be lady gaga ever

  • tryecrot

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.

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