Johnny Depp: “I’m Very Good At Being A Dad”

Johnny Depp: "I'm Very Good At Being A Dad"

Johnny Depp says he’s a really good father to his two children, Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, 8.

The actor tells iVillage, “I think I’m very good at being a dad and I’m proud to say it, because as parents do, I worship my kids and I learn from my kids. It’s the only thing I want to be good at in my life.”

Depp reveals that his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got to hang out together with their children during filming of The Tourist.

“It was good fun. Kids playing video games, the old guys — me and Brad — sitting around the table with Vanessa and Angie hanging out and talking,” he says. “It was wonderful.”

He also gives his thoughts on Angelina. He says she’s “grounded and normal amidst all the madness that she deals with, under the global microscope upon her and her family. She’s really an amazing woman.”

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  • Brooke

    Very good at being a dad. At dressing, not so much.

  • rachel

    Oh..he is so sweet! I love you johnny,you’re a good and hot daddy too!

  • Valerie Pie

    Who cares what he dresses like? Would you prefer him to be like all the other shallow pathetic and selfish celebrities who spend $50,000 on a pair of undies???? Or to drive around in million dollar cars? If he did that, then you’d be sure to call him out for being a wasteful person.
    Johnny D is a great person, wonderful father and amazing actor.

  • Anonymous

    Johnny – you rock!

  • Libs

    Personally I think the divine Mr Depp has FANTASTIC fashion sense! I love the fact that he doesn’t look like a clone like so many other celebs!!!! …and no, before you ask, I’m not blind!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love Johnny, but why so many accessories? Just sayin’.

  • bo-peep

    of course he’s a great dad (eye roll). here he is, for example, modelling modesty for his young children.

  • lalie

    What a stupid thing to say! Only his children will be allowed to say that in twenty years or so…

  • Anonymous

    no that wasn’t a stupid thing to say, but yes mainly his children will also have a say in that

  • Anonymous

    Bloat bloat bloat boast boast boast. I see your big showy cotton candy and balloons.
    The best dad ever is Jesus Christ who is my dad. He is taking me to heaven when I die. If Johnny were such a great dad he would introduce his children to Jesus so they can have eternal life. And oh by the way have married parents to be a good influence on others.
    A lot of you might not agree with me but each person has to work that out with God.

  • Anonymous

    Does it really matter how her dresses? Does that make him less a human being or a good parent? I think not. I am 72 years old and still wear jeans with holes and patches as well as designer jeans. I have always been of the opinion if somebody doesn’t like the way I look they can look the other way. Of course there is always that 10% that can’t get over themselves long enough to see the good in those that deserve it.

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