Jillian Michaels Wants To “Focus On Becoming A Mommy”

Jillian Michaels Wants To "Focus On Becoming A Mommy"

Biggest Loser co-host and keep-fit fanatic Jillian Michaels is saying goodbye to the reality show that put her in the spotlight. According to Us the uncompromising physical trainer shared her thoughts on Twitter.

I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work,” she wrote.

Jillian, 36, recently launched her own show Losing it in which she helps families shed pounds and develop a healthy lifestyle. Working with children affected her and provoked a desire start a family of her own.

Shooting ‘Losing It’ also had big impact on me,” she said. “Living with kids, I saw firsthand what I was missing.”

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  1. mackenzie

    good for her

  2. Jolene

    Don’t you need a baby first?

  3. Anonymous

    Amazing at 37 to be in a position to take a year off an focus on a passion which includes a family. Wishing her all the best., she inspired many…good luck jill…….tb from boston.

  4. Anonymous

    good for her, ive been married for almost 7 years, were not ready yet, but when the time is right we’ll know,

  5. Christina

    I will miss her on Biggest Loser, I truly admire her and all she has done for people but I am so happy she has decided to be a mommy. Good for her. Good luck Jillian you will make a great mommy.


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