Jennifer Lopez’s American Idol Fans

Jennifer Lopez's American Idol Fans

Musical mama Jennifer Lopez got a visit from her 2 1/2-year-old twins Max and Emme on the American Idol set in Pasadena, California today (December 10). Love the cute outfits!

After spending some time with mom the twins headed off to a local mall with the nanny – though it looked like little Max didn’t want to leave!

J.Lo recently revealed that she signed on to the reality show in part so she could spend more time with her kids, saying, “We’re really happy that we can be in one place with the babies for a while.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I think they are lovely, Emme looks so focused on her running, adorable :-)

  • Anonymous

    30 year old faces in 2 year old bodies!!! I love it

  • Alma

    She clearly (through kids’ expensive clothing choice) tries to overcompensate for something that they (the kids) dont have. Just saying!

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe she just buys expensive clothes for her kids because she can afford it. That’s another theory.

  • LaKesha

    These kids are adorable–don’t be jealous of two year olds.

  • Anonymous

    Max is cute, but Emme… … so so

  • Anonymous

    The first pic is so unflattering! I bet there super spoiled kids.

    • Mara

      You should spend less time criticizing babies and maybe learn to spell.

  • Anonymous

    oi vey, that genepool got majorly convoluted.

  • Anonymous

    They look like old people! I cannot believe how much jewelry that 2 year old brat is wearing!

  • Anonymous

    just like with Brangelina twins… the boy is cute and the girl is just there…

  • Tazina

    I saw other photos of these kids, such as the ones on the beach in the ad they did with their mother. They were all fixed up and looked cute. No one takes a good photo all the time.

    • Anonymous2

      That is called Photoshop

  • Anonymous

    it always amazes me how grown people can talk about little kids, as if being mean to babies will make there life better. We dont know if they are brats or what they are like through random pictures. I hope talking nasty about babies make you feel like a better person.

  • Anonymous

    These photos proved that one can’t have everything!

  • Anonymous

    Well, Jennifer is pretty but Mark is… not so much. His kids with his ex are actually cute so they took after the mother then.

  • Fanny

    Why is her Nanny wearing a uniform. That is so trashy of her and degrading to the Nanny. What is this 1960? Sooooo new money! She should be more respectful to the person responsible for helping her raise her children? The kids are cute end funny though.

  • nicoleC

    i think Max is lovely than his sis

  • Sara lee

    Unfortunately the daughter doesn’t look like she will get j lo’s good looks. Sucks for her because she willdefinitely be compared to her mom once she gets older. Genetics is a funny thing. J lo looks a lot better than her sisters and her mom. Now j lo daughter came out lookking more like Marc instead of j lo.

    • antigoniem

      Emme kinda looks like J Lo’s sister, Lynda/Linda.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a uniform! That’s just how the nanny dresses!

  • Lioness

    So funny, I disagree- I think they’re both cute, but Emme is definitely more aesthetically favorable to my eyes. Max looks way too much like his dad, lol…

  • Natalia Caver.

    Emme wore the navy blue knitted top by MONNALISA

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