Tiffani Thiessen’s Facebook Cutie

Tiffani Thiessen's Facebook Cutie

Actress Tiffani Thiessen posted a sweet photo of daughter Harper, 5 months, on Facebook today. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star gushed about her little one:

Here’s a cute pic of my little one we took today. Boy do I love this baby. :)

Tiffani also mentioned that she just returned from New York City – catch her upcoming appearance on the Rachael Ray Show on December 22.

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Photo credit: Facebook


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  1. LeeLee

    That’s an adorable pic!!

  2. mackenzie

    Harper is one adorable baby girl.

  3. Anonymous

    She’s getting cuter

  4. Renee

    this brightened my day when Tiffani posted this pic yesterday! Harper is so adorable!

  5. Murray

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  6. Heart

    Cute cute cute cute

  7. Anonymous

    absolutely adorable!


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