The Garner-Afflecks Out & About In LA

The Garner-Afflecks Out & About In LA

The Garner-Affleck gang were together in Los Angeles, California yesterday as Ben and Jen and little sister Seraphina, 2 next month, went to pick up Violet, 5, from class (December 16).

Looking casual yet chic in black boots and skinny jeans, the Valentine’s Day star held on to her handsome hubby’s hand as they entered the school.

It’s hard to believe that Seraphina will be turning 2 years old in just a few weeks! I wonder how the family will be celebrating her big day.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    They are all about publicity. Now he’s mr family man and holding hand with his wife. Ben has a movie coming out and oscar buzz…..

  2. Anonymous

    Perfect daddy.

  3. Jenny D

    I don’t care what the haters or cynics say this is my favourite celeb family. We see them doing normal things instead of acting like royalty a la JLo or the Cruises.

  4. Anonymous

    i was wondering what happened to them. its been 2 days without new pictures. a world record for this family. UGH!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Dear 1:40pm giving you a big treat by not having them in celebrity baby
    blog for 2 days… !!! Ugh really why do you say that.. They are a cute family.

    P.S Ben does not have a movie coming out just that JEREMY RENNER FROM THE TOWN got nominated for both a SAG AND GOLDEN GLOBE..

    No need to see Katie Holmes every day.. either she is one big Ughh…
    without her makeup..

  6. Anonymous

    Love this family. They seem like one of Hollywood’s most down to earth and normal as can be for celebs. Did I mention that are also one of the best looking ones.

    For those who don’t like them, suck it up. There are lots of other ones out there. Find one that you like and leave this one to those that do.

  7. Anonymous

    Exactly. It’s true is all about the family image. No hating just stating the truth, they aren’t genuine.

    • Anonymous

      And you know this because? Do you live with them?

      They aren’t the ones doing family photo shoots and yet those who are are called “great parents” and not PR spinners.

  8. Anonymous

    Wow! Ben is absolutely handsome! Beautiful family!

  9. Anonymous

    I know this because for one Jen calls the paps and they read these blogs/websites. Someone stated we might see Jen and Ben holding hands because of his new moving coming out. What are they doing…..holding hands!!!! They are fake because they want to be seen as a down to earth wholesome family, which nothing more than a pr stunt!

    • Anonymous

      You know you’re so right! I bet those aren’t even their real kids. Jennifer just goes out doing fun things with her “kids” for publicity. Bet she doesn’t even like kids. I mean come on taking your kids to school everyday, or for an ice cream cone or god forbid the park to play, well that’s just crazy stuff do to with your children if you’re a celebrity. She couldn’t possibly want to do those things because she actually enjoys it. It’s all for publicity, my god you’re a genius.

  10. Anonymous

    ben is carrying a purse! hahaahaahahaahahahh!

  11. Anonymous

    In some pictures Violet is the spitting image of victor garber, she looks more like him than ben affleck.


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