Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

Catch up on the latest tweets from your fav celebrity parents!

@lisarinna Hey at least I’m brave enough to show myself without make up!! Here I am no make up not an ounce!

@brookeburke I’m so sad… My 10 yr old doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore. Just cashed in her molar for $5

@KimberlilyVDB After 45 min of trying2 get Olivia2 sleep w/out me my husband walks out “I don’t know what else to do except pour myself a stronger drink.”

@ScottBaio Renee taped Happy Days for BB to watch. She said, that’s my daddy. He’s a little boy, I wanna be on tv 2.

@russellcrowe That black nail that some of you have commented on is giving every indication it’s going to come off completely.

@petewentz I run in the snow like kevin from home alone. Yep. How adult.

@Bethenny Good tip:when using those bath/shower scrubs,do on dry skin in shower.Then turn on water&rinse.much better results.smooth like a baby.

@DENISE_RICHARDS Off to breakfast then the pool.. Hoping to get the girls to the beach!

@ConanOBrien You can tell I’m on vacation when my tweets are particularly lame. And how come the Hulk’s shirt falls off, but never his pants?

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Photo credit: Lisa Rinna's Twitter


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  1. JMO

    really? I say put the makeup back on. And yes lips are still too big!

    Her girls are very pretty though.

  2. Anonymous

    wow she looks like kim kardashian’s evil twin sister
    they must use the same plastic surgeon

  3. Anonymous

    So brave….how much “work” has she had done to look like that. Laser, botox and those unnatural.

  4. Anonymous

    It looks like she still has makeup on (eyeliner/mascara).

  5. Anonymous

    ugly ……..omg rinna is a beast. puking…..right now……

  6. Anonymous



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