Celebrity Parents Tweet In The New Year!

Celebrity Parents Tweet In The New Year!

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011! Our favourite celebrity moms and dad took to Twitter to ring in the New Year!

@torianddean Stella had me do her hair with an “updo” for New Years!

@ConanOBrien All of you transformed what should have been a terrible year into a wildly fun adventure. Thanks for sticking with me and Happy New Year.

@Deanracer Happy New Year to all !!! I wish you happiness, health, love and wealth. 2011 is going to be heaven.!!!!

@alyankovic In just a few hours EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

@vanderjames Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, full of transformation and manifestation!

@ActuallyNPH Neil’s New Year Resolutions, Part 5: Learn to speak baby.

@PadmaLakshmi Oh my God! Prince is playing our New Years Party! Dream come true!!!

@CMilianOfficial Happy New Year! May this year bring you love, light and memories that last forever! Stay blessed and be safe everyone!

@Dmoceanu Welcome 2011! Ready for a new year. Good luck, good health, wealth and success!

@alydenisof Happy NEW YEAR to all that are already there! And Happy almost New Year to the rest of us!!!

@goconstance Annnnnnnnd DRIVE SAFE!!!! If you drink, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING!!!! Or I will pinch you! (And not in a good way!) MUAH!

@lisarinna The kIds are making smores in the fireplace and we r getting ready to watch the ball drop east coast time what are you all doing?

@KimberlilyVDB Life always gives battles and it always gives magic. Here’s 2 a magical 2011. May all your hard work bring miracles, love and happiness!

@CLMazza Happy New Year!!!!! I hope everyone has a great night! Please don’t drink and drive!! Xo

Happy New Year from @celeb_babyscoop!

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Photo credit: Tori Spelling's Twitter

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    have a good birth amanda :)x

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