The Garner-Afflecks Make A Splash In Hawaii

The Garner-Afflecks Make A Splash In Hawaii

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were seen with their daughters, Violet, 5, and almost two-year-old Seraphina, in Hawaii on Saturday (January 1).

The girls looked like they enjoyed jumping in the waves.

Looks like the family are enjoying their downtime. Jennifer and Violet were last spotted on Christmas Eve getting frozen yogurt in Santa Monica.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • klutzy_girl

    LOL, there’s a photo of Ben and Jen without the kids and Ben just had this “WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE?” look at the paps. It was hilarious.

    These are cute pictures and it seems like they were having fun!

    And I can’t believe Seraphina’s almost two!

  • nicoleC

    where’s the poll?

    • Lisa Weber

      Hi Nicole – the poll will be back in February 😉

  • carolyn Robertson

    Oh, so sweet!

  • nicoleC

    Ben always looks so sad…. why?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he’s annoyed with the paps 😉

    • Brooke

      Maybe he’s sad because his wife is wearing an 80 year old woman’s bathing suit.

      • Sanna

        actually itÂŽs a dress…you can see that thereÂŽs a bikini underneath

  • Anonymous

    I wish the Damons were in Hawaii with them, like the last vacation they had together..

    It will be soooo cute seeing the girls playing together!

  • Anonymous

    If he’s annoyed with the paps fine but he playing with his daughter is the water he could smile a little unless laws get change the Paparazzi are not going to go away he needs to get over it and not let it bother him so much. Look at Halle Berry she hates the paps and has told them off more then once but she is able to let it not bother her most of the time and enjoy her time with her daughter.

  • Tazina

    The paps are annoying but the trade-off is the huge amounts of money these celebrities make. I do feel sorry for the family but acting in movies makes them famous and recognizable. Their picture is going to be taken. The problem is paps who get too close and invasive.

  • Anonymous

    Does Jen have on a slip?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Does Violet have a nappy on?

  • kelstar

    Hahahah – Brooke, I thought the same thing!


    No Violet does not have a nappy engish eh..?? You should see the other
    photos of the family…You can see that she is wearing just a bathing suit. Pretty tight nappy wouldn’t you say…if you see her bathing suit Kelstar and
    10:36 am??? Or do the both of you need glasses.. heehee BTW he always
    looks this way… Halle Berry wore the same black COVERUP WITH HER DAUGHTER TOO IS SHE AN OLD LADY TOO

  • kurtis

    wow really nice i fell temted to go spend da weekend at da beach its been soooo long

  • Anonymous

    Only a hanful of you don’t like this family but there are millons that adore them. Happy New Year.

    • Anonymous

      we all hate them.

      • Anonymous

        Is that why you leave so many comments on their thread adding to the paparazzi overload? That explains a lot.

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