Toni Braxton On Being A Mom: “I Still Feel Sexy”

Toni Braxton On Being A Mom: "I Still Feel Sexy"

Toni Braxton has been approached to pose for Playboy, and she’s thinking of accepting their offer. The Grammy winner and mom to sons Diezel Ky, 7, and Denim Cole, 9, says it will be tasteful and besides – she feels like she still has a lot to offer.

“I feel good about myself. I’ve lived, I’m a mom, I still feel sexy,” she told Access Hollywood. “I don’t think it’s over when you’re a mom. I don’t think exposing your body has an age on it.”

Toni hasn’t accepted Playboy‘s offer yet, but she says that if, or when, she does don’t expect a full exposé. “It will be tasteful, not the whole V, no V actually!” Toni laughed. “No V, but definitely the alphabets, maybe a little T, a little A, maybe, if I did it.”

The Unbreak My Heart singer says her well-publicized financial troubles wouldn’t be motivation to bare almost-all. “I wouldn’t do Playboy for the money, I would do it for myself,” she said.

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  • Anonymous

    She has a son named Denim also I believe.

    • Peta

      I was just about to say that.

    • Anonymous

      yea it says son denim in the article if u actually read it or cant u read

      • Sharon

        Wow are you trying to be a smartass??? or just mean…of course she can read! Or she wouldn’t have made the comment…oh and did someone really name you 14 or is that your stage name?

  • Marsha Takeda-Morrison

    Omission corrected – thanks for catching it!

  • tiki

    and yet another celebrity mother steps forward to announce she still feels sexy following pregnancy and birth. this is noteworthy, why exactly? get. over. yourselves. people.

    • Anonymous

      What are you fat and ugly or something? A litte jealouse?

    • Sharon

      Sound like a mean jelouse mom to me

      • Sharon

        ooopppps JEALOUS yes I can spell it’s a typo…

    • Sharon

      Stop being such a jealous troll..You SAY you wouldn’t Pose for such a magazine if EVER asked~~ The thing is you would NEVER be asked…And yes I have posed for Playboy myself and have a 22month old baby girl… My body looks good enough to pose again if I chose to…Stop being a hater, put down the cookies and cake…and jump on a treadmill..Get a Boobjob and Stop Whining….I’m sooo Tired of hearing all of you boring Beaver Clever moms cry because you looked like shit before having a baby and looked worse after and don’t have the money to nip and tuck…Get a life…

  • Anonymous

    her song is “unbreak my heart” not don’t break my heart.

    • carolyn Robertson

      Thanks! :)

  • SpecialAgentOso

    She is showing off her goodies not mine, so she can do with her cookie as she likes!

  • Anonymous

    I have admired this woman since I was very young. I knew I loved music when I heard “Love Should’ve brought you home” and “Another Sad Love Song.” I wasnt old enough to fully comprehend what she was singing about,but her voice took me places. There is so much more to her than whether or not she poses for Playboy. She is an advocate for children who have autism,women’s heart health,etc. If she wants to do this more power to her.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be buying a copy of that issue for sure!

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