Gwen Stefani’s Coldwater Cuties

Gwen Stefani's Coldwater Cuties

Two-year-old Zuma Rossdale made a funky fashion statement while out at Coldwater Canyon park in Beverly Hills, California today with his mom Gwen Stefani and big brother Kingston, 4 (January 17). The beautiful boys were even sporting matching nail polish – though Zuma only seemed to have half of his fingers painted!

The No Doubt mom, who looked fabulous herself in a a striped top and jeans, spent time with both the kids and doled out fresh fruit and juice boxes come snack time.

It was recently announced that Gwen has been chosen as the new face of L’Oreal Paris.

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • Anonymous

    I Love Kingston’s Hair !! My baby is PERFECT !!
    My angel Zuma is beautiful too !!!
    I Love their clothes !!! <3
    And Gwen is beautiful and perfect as usual !!

    • Anonymous

      What is with ‘My baby’ and ‘My angel’…. There not your kids, get a grip it’s weird!

    • Mee-Mee

      You’ve got issues! You keep on posting the same weird comments! Get a grip and a life!

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming that Kingston just wanted to do what he sees his mom doing. He sees her bleach her hair, and so he begs to have his bleached too. He sees mom get a manicure, and so he wants a manicure too.

    And I’m pretty sure the leg warmers are built into Zuma’s pants. Notice how they match the logo?

    • abby

      if his mom jumped off a bridge, should he? i can understand why he might want to imitate mom, but there should be a line drawn as to what’s approprate and what’s not. manicure is fine, bleach is not.

  • Anonymous

    Ariana what are you smoking kingston hair was never that blond Google it you will see he has dirty blond hair not bleach blond and even on its lightest days was never this blond, say its natural is like say that Gwen real hair color.

  • Beezo

    What’s with the girly leg-warmers? Is it me, or is Gwen & Gavin trying to convince their sons to be at least bi-sexual or something?! I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBE! I believe that we should all be allowed to live & love however, and whomever we choose!!! But doesn’t it seem like they’re imposing their beliefs on their very young children?

    • Anonymous

      Or at least they’re instilling in them the idea that making a fashion statement is more important than just being a kid. What those kids often wear should be uncomfortable to walk let alone run and play in.

      • Beezo


      • Lioness

        He looks quite comfortable to me…

  • Daniella

    Yeah, and that’s why his hair was brown (even when fairly long) for two or three years. It’s dyed & will likely be terribly damaged in the long-run if they continue to bleach it.

  • Mae

    I love how round Zuma is. That outfit makes him look like one of those overpriced celebrity hairdressers.

  • Trudi

    Zuma is to cute! Kingston looks always as if he not become enough sleep.

  • Ariana

    Beautiful, happy well adjusted children. And no, Kingston’s hair is not dyed.

  • elle

    what on earth is zuma wearing?

  • Anonymous

    not cute at all

  • Anonymous

    This Ariana girl is just too stupid!

  • Anonymous

    I love these little boys and I think they are gorgeous BUT Kingston’s hair is absolutely dyed. Anyone who has seen him over the years knows that his hair was never that color (platinum blonde). And I don’t agree with her dying his hair at that age.

  • Me123

    The kids seem to be having plenty of fun and can obviously run and play in whatever they wear. We’ve seen dozens of pictures of both boys dressed differently than most and Kingston is running around happy as can be. Who are you to judge what someone wants to dress their kids in? They’re happy, you can tell. I think a lot of you need to get over yourself and your ideals of how things are supposed to be. Plus, who here really knows if Gwen picked out the clothes every day. Kingston is old enough to choose his own clothes, and maybe Zuma pulls stuff out and that’s what he wears. You really don’t know…kids CAN make their own decisions. Gwen and Gavin seem like great parents. Stop bashing them for their livestyle.

  • Anonymous

    Just shxt up ok ??!! I know they are not my kids but i love them because i’m a Gwen’s fan !! And i have a grip and a life , thank’s !!! :)
    If you have a problem with me or with Kingston and Zuma just beat it of there !!

    • Me123

      Wow. Chill out, crazy. You want to voice your opinion, others are allowed to voice theirs. Obsessed much?

  • Anonymous

    Sh** up, please ! You’re very S.T.U.P.I.D ! It’s her life, OK ?!

  • Anonymous

    Ok listen, I do not want problem, but let me call them as I want thank you, I respect the opinions of everyone even though sometimes I’m not agree at all
    And , I’m not crazy , sorry for that , i’m calm now…

  • Anonymous

    ok bon chacun pense se qu’il veut mes franchement c’est pas l’endroit pour lacher tout c’est jugement vous penser pas ? (:

    • Anonymous

      Your spelling is offensive.

  • Anonymous

    ok well everyone thinks what he wants is frankly not my place to let go of any decision you think is right? (:

  • Anonymous

    I can’t figure out why these 2 are so overly reliant on nannies and can’t seem to handle one-on-one time with their own kids. The nanny comes to the playground, out to lunch, on errands, etc. So many other celebrities (e.g. Adam Sandler, Jack Black , Jen Garner, Cash/Jessica post) are constantly seen spending quality time with their kids and seem to manage without an entourage. What a pair of divas!!

  • Anonymous

    Clarification: By “these 2″, I meant Gwen & her husband as they are usually seen with a nanny or 2 even when both parents are there.

  • mackenzie

    One thing to point out Jessica and Cash always use a nanny wherever they go. Look at the honor post you always see a nanny with them. The only celebrities who don’t use a nanny are Alyson and Alexis Nicole and Keith.

    • Anonymous

      agree..Jessica and Honor have been seen on a regular basis of having a nanny around for mundane things like buying a tricycle for Honor. She’s the lady with reddish hair. She even went with them on their recent trip to Cabo. Jessica can’t be bothered with her own kid while she’s tanning, and that is why she brought along a nanny.

  • Anonymous

    Kingstons hair is definatly dyed,in the 5th pic you can see the brown roots on the sides.Zuma looks like he has girls pants on and Gwens big arse is sticking out in the first pic & you can see her granny panties,gross!They try to be all hip & edgy but they are trying too hard!

    • Me123

      Look closer next time. Those are not “granny panties” those are part of the pants or some other kind of pants/shorts she’s wearing underneath.

  • Anonymous

    mackenzie I hate to brake it to you but all celebrities have nannies who do you think watches the kids when they’re not with their parents and Nicole and Keith have been spotted with their nanny before, and their nothing wrong with having help but Gwen and Gavin do nothing without a nanny or 2 with them not even going to a kids birthday party. Same with Heidi Klum and Seal I big fan of both but they always has 2 to 3 nannies, her mother sometime her father and a bodyguard with her 90% of the time add both her and Seal that’s 5 to 7 people for 4 kids which is crazy, but I will say when she and Seal takes the kids to a Birthday party the nannies, mother, father and bodyguard all stay at home. I not a Jessica Alba fan but her and Cash do not always use a nanny wherever they go there are a lot of photos of them doing things with Honor without a nanny with them.

  • Anonymous

    The reason you don’t see Jessica Alba and her husband with a nanny is because the pictures magazines buy usually don’t show nannies but the majority of the time for most of these “high profile” familes there is a nanny there. The media just knows which pics to buy and how to crop them out to make all these famous parents look like hands on parents. I’m sure there is the exception but the majority all have nannies.

    • gina

      Totally agree with you about the “cropping” that goes on in some cases to present the image of the hands on parent – this goes on a lot. However, you have to admit that there are celebrities who truly are “hands on” and although they employ a nanny, she doesn’t accompany them on every outing or play with the children in the playground while the parent sits on the sidelines and checks their blackberry. Someone like Jen Garner is more of a hands on parent who may be a multi-millionaire, but genuinely loves being with her kids and is less concerned with her appearance and making sure her make up is expertly applied before every outing.

  • KZR

    Kingston is one little boy , really funny and nice . And his hairs his wonderful .
    Il love he . He is a little boy .
    The Zuma’s clothes is strange because it’s he to chooses it .
    He is only 2 years ! It’s normal !
    I’m a the biggest fan of Rossdale Family .

  • Love!Kingston

    Kingston is such a rocker boy. He loves to be different to others & I think he does choose his own clothes. Kingston knows how to dress up!!
    He is a funny little guy :)

  • Tash

    I sorry the whole cropping the nanny out on high profile families media just knows which pics to buy not true because the media makes more money with photos with the nanny in photos, look how many comments this post got and any other were the nanny is shown always gets more comments then when the nanny is not shown. Example Heidi Klum and Seal high profile family always photograph with nanny never cropped, Gwen and Gavin, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez high profile also photograph with nannies no cropping, the media make more money showing celebrities in a bad light then in a good one why do you think tabloids make up stories to sale magazines because if they had to wait for facts to back up their clams they wouldn’t making any real money.

    P.S. There is nothing wrong with caring about how you present yourself to the world look at Gwen always getting down and dirty with her kids and cares about her appearance opposed to Katie Holmes cares less about her appearance but never really active with Suri when they go to the park.

    • Anonymous

      Uh huh. Next.

  • HMMM

    My son would never wear that outfit but you know that’s why Zuma’s not my son!!
    And hell yes Kingston’s hair is dyed and has been dyed before.

  • Tash

    Anonymous 4:42 pm I can say the same to you next.

  • Anonymous

    Tous ce qui n’aime pas Kingston et Zuma bah : FUCK YOU