Rodger Berman & Rachel Zoe Will Have “The Most Fashionable Baby Ever”

Rodger Berman & Rachel Zoe Will Have "The Most Fashionable Baby Ever"

Rachel Zoe’s husband Rodger Berman says he and his wife are going to have “the most fashionable baby ever.”

He writes in an article for Harper’s Bazaar, “I won’t be surprised if our baby has Chanel diapers, Missoni blankets, and an Hermès bassinet. People say he or she is going to be the most fashionable baby ever. And I believe them.”

He adds, “Look at me! I have no predisposition to fashion, but thanks to Rachel I can’t leave the house without worrying about whether or not my clothes match.”

Excited for the baby’s arrival, he does know that life for the couple will change.

Berman says, “While I don’t know how things are going to change when the baby comes, I know that they will change. But I think it’s entirely possible to have a career in fashion and raise a child. Stella McCartney is on her fourth child and remains both a fashion icon and a great mom.

“All I know is, Rachel and I will figure it out. And if she wants to take the baby to Fashion Week, I say, why not? But we’ll probably need an extra hotel room for all of the baby clothes.”

Recently the couple let it slip that they are expecting a baby boy! Their lives are currently being filmed for the fourth season of The Rachel Zoe Project.

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  • Anna

    How shallow can people be?

  • Anonymous

    Gee, what great priorities. Pathetic.

  • Amber

    People like them make me sick. How disgusting and selfish. Chanel diapers, are you serious? Wow……They need a huge reality check.

  • Anonymous

    no words….

  • Anonymous

    this sounds so sad……

  • anon

    barfy barf barf

  • Hal

    Piling on giant, over-sized clothes and accessories just because they have designer labels doesn’t make someone fashionable!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it, she doesn’t look fashionable to me at all. What makes her think her kid will be.

  • Cydney

    Lighten up people! I highly doubt he’s being serious about Chanel diapers. Her job is a stylist hints why the baby will have an over load of name brand clothing. They have the money for this, they aren’t harming anyone by purchasing any of those things.

  • Valerie Pie

    This doesn’t surprise me at all…
    You have a woman who’s diet consists of snorting crack and getting colonics… Then you have a man who’s a closet homo with an array of diseases… Of course it’s only normal for them to be planning on decking out the creature in designer clothing, rather than praying to God to be blessed with a healthy baby and for the baby to have ALL working organs… If the kid comes out and weighs more than 5 pounds, I would call that a miracle and blessing in itself.

  • Tif


  • Angi

    Every single person here is so judgmental. As if any of you know the intimate details of their lives. I’m sure they are very excited for their baby and if they spoil it,then no skin off my nose.

  • Anonymous

    I love their show and I think they are such a cute couple. Cant wait to see season 4. Their show always makes me giggle. Loved season 3 when she went into a supermarket. : ) Congrats!!! And cant wait to see how they dress their baby boy.

  • Anonymous

    Amber said:

    “People like them make me sick. How disgusting and selfish. Chanel diapers, are you serious? Wow……They need a huge reality check.”

    haha. and who is reading the celebrity gossip site????? Its not like you are on CNN’s site reading important worldly events that must only consist in non ‘disgusting’ and non ‘selfish’ people’s ‘realities’. Judge and be judged.

  • Victoria

    I’m sure he was just joking, we all know (well I for one know) that Chanel doesn’t make diapers, Missoni does have a children’s line, but no baby blankets, and Hermes doesn’t make baby bassinets. However I’m sorry but I doubt that their baby will be the most fashionable in Hollywood let alone ever. I don’t have anything against Rachel Zoe, I kind of like her, but I don’t think she’s the most fashionable woman to ever strut the street.

    • Victoria

      LOL, but then again, maybe her kid will be a dressed nice, because I’ve noticed that alot of stylists can’t dress for sh*t yet they’re so good at dressing other people. IDK why but they are.

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