Emily Procter Welcomes Daughter Pippa!

Emily Procter Welcomes Daughter Pippa!

Emily Procter is a mommy!

The gorgeous CSI: Miami star and her musician boyfriend, Paul Bryan, welcomed baby girl Pippa in early December, reports TV Guide.

The 42-year-old actress was back on the set Wednesday (January 19), just in time to witness costar Adam Rodriquez’s directing debut. “We’re so happy for Emily,” said Adam. “This is something I know she’s wanted for a long time. She’s got the right guy in her life and it was the right time for her, and it’s so great when you get to see somebody be able to have it all.”

“She’s just really got it all together,” he added.

Emily, whose pregnancy was not incorporated into the 9th season of her show, will only be written out for a week before returning in an episode set to air March 13.

This is the first child for Emily and Bryan who announced their news in July.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Thank you to CBS reader Victoria!

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  • TiggerTiff

    Interesting name but it has ring to it. I wonder what her full name is?

  • mackenzie

    Congratulations to Emily. Pippa is an unusual name never heard of it. Wonder how she came up with it.

  • Camila


    Pippa is almost the word for kite in portuguese (it’s “pipa”). Weirdo name.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only ever heard of the name in the movie ‘Private Lives of Pippa Lee”, but I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Pippa’s mostly like heard in the UK. Its quite popular for English baby girls but usually its a nickname for Phillipa meaning lover of horses. I love it, Congrats to Emily :)

  • Anna

    I like the name, it sounds very cute.

  • Claire

    Pippa is also an Italian Name but also not that common, even here in Malta you still can find people with that name

  • antigoniem

    I actually like the name. Congrats.

  • Anonymous

    Pippa Longstocking?! lol

  • Anonymous

    Pippa is quite a commonly heard name here in England. As someone else mentioned, short for Phillipa, but it is also a (beautiful and elegant) name in its own right nowadays. Congrats to Emily Procter – she was looking a bit fuller in the face in recent episodes so I was wondering if she was pregnant, obviously so!

  • Anonymous

    it was in an article at she would be named her after one their’s parental grandmother not sure if it’s paul or em’s

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait for her daughter to grow up. Then I can show Pipa how her mom was topless in Breastmen.


  • dayana

    congrats Emily Procter you are going to be a great mom and hope to see you on the show in the episode Hunting Grounds.

  • Leilesha

    Her full name is actually Phillipa Frances and Pippa is a nickname. I’m so happy for Emily. Congrats.

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